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These articles are all highly relevant vinyl pvc flooring. I believe this information can help you understand vinyl pvc flooring's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
01 - 23
Is the thicker the PVC floor, the longer the warranty
When many people choose PVC flooring, they will fall into a misunderstanding, that is, they think that the thicker the PVC flooring, the better, and the thicker it is, the longer the warranty, forming a fixed thinking.This idea is not correct, the warranty of the PVC floor is not necessarily related
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01 - 13
Ground cleaning before PVC floor construction
Before the construction of vinyl floor, the ground should be cleaned first, and the surface should be free of sand, dust and oil, otherwise the adhesive is not easy to stick. Also, the adhesive before construction and the materials for floor decoration should be placed in a warm place, which can res
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11 - 30
What is the best way to clean and maintain vinyl floor
You can use an ordinary broom, microfiber cloth, vacuum cleaner or wet mop to clean vinyl floors.Due to the protective UV top coating of vinyl flooring, no special treatment is required after installation. Some suggestions for cleaning and maintaining the floor:Your vinyl flooring can be cleaned wit
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11 - 20
Vinyl floors are not only stylish and simple to install, they’re also easy to clean and maintain, giving you an easy life and a healthy and hygienic home.That’s because Protex has added a special surface treatment to its new generation vinyl flooring to make it even more resistant to scratches or st
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