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Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-20      Origin: Site


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More and more people choose SPC flooring to decorate the ground. Choosing the right color flooring for your home or project can seem daunting. Some people prefer darker colors and some prefer lighter ones. Some people prefer a smooth surface and others prefer an embossed texture that matches real wood. If you have no idea where to begin there are a few things you take into account that may help you narrow your choices:

What are the sizes of the rooms you will be installing the flooring in?

The sizes of the rooms are a big factor in what color flooring will either compliment the room or ruin its aesthetic. If the room is relatively small (a bedroom that isn’t a master or an office) a lighter colored floor would complement the room best. Lighter colors make rooms look larger than they are where as darker colored floors tend to make spaces look slightly smaller. If you have a more traditional styled home and you are looking to change the color floor of your living room (often the largest room in your home) a darker toned floor would complement the room best.


What color is your furniture?

If you have white furniture then a grey toned flooring would best complement the room overall. Whereas if you have brown colored furniture or natural leather sofas, you may want to think of a lighter shaded color that would make the room look like one cohesive space.


How many people live in your home?

Arguably the biggest factor you should consider when choosing a shade for your floors is the amount of people that will be walking on it. Simply put, darker colored floors show more dirt and fur than light colored floors. If you have pets that shed, go with lighter colored floors. Yes the fur will still be there but it won’t be nearly as visible as it would be on a darker colored floor. However if you are one of those people who sweeps the floor everyday then this isn’t that big of a factor for you. But if you are someone who doesn’t sweep as often you will want to go with a lighter tone to go with your cleaning regimen.


Are you currently satisfied with the amount of work you have to do to keep your floors clean? Do you want a floor that shows less dirt and fur?

Once you have answered all of these questions for yourself you will gain a better sense of what color and style flooring is right for you. Now let’s go through each of these questions to explain why they are important. Note: Specific colors are and should be entirely up to you, however in terms of light and dark shades, there are some guidelines you should follow.

Of course, over 1,000 colors for wood and stone look could be availed in Protex. Every year we develop new colors. If you have any questions about the selection of patterns, welcome to contact Protex, we are committed to providing you with the best products and services.

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