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About Us

Reliable One-Stop Flooring Supplier.Your Solution Architect for Market Challenges.
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Who are we?

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    Flooring manufacture​​​​​​​r
    We are a leading manufacturer specializing in vinyl flooring. Our product line includes a diverse range of flooring types, such as SPC, WPC and LVT Flooring.​​​​​​​
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    Global localization service provider
    Offices in The Netherlands and South Korea.Specializing in B2B, we provide tailored ODM supply chain solutions.    
    Note: We do not offer direct-to-consumer services.

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    Reliable One-Stop flooring Supplier
    We specializes in providing customized ODM solutions for brands, distributors, wholesalers, and contractors within the flooring industry, focusing on supply chain services.
Why Protex is your trustworthy supplier?

We leverage26 years of industry experience and deep market insights to avoid pitfalls and deliver excellence. With our own production facilities and extensive supply chain resources, we ensure optimal product matching and production capabilities to meet both manufacturing and client needs.


Deep Industry Expertise

With over26 years of experience, Protex has  witnessed the evolution of the flooring industry. Our team is adept at understanding and anticipating market trends and technological advancements, particularly in the European sector, ensuring that our solutions are both innovative and relevant.

Proven Problem-Solving Skills

Our journey has been marked by numerous challenges, each providing us with invaluable lessons and insights. This accumulated knowledge allows us to adeptly navigate pitfalls and effectively solve problems, making us a resilient and reliable partner in your supply chain.

Tailor-made ODM Capabilities

Protex leverages its own manufacturing facilities and an extensive supply chain network to provide tailored ODM solutions. This strategic integration ensures that we meet your specific product requirements with precision, delivering high-quality outcomes and efficient customer service.
Protex is a comprehensive flooring sourcing solution for you!

One-stop procurement service provider


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What Protex Offering?

Protex offers a one-stop solution, focusing on providing comprehensive ODM support that includes market research, product design, manufacturing, and post-production support. We ensure market protection for our clients, helping them gain a unique competitive edge in the marketplace. Choose Protex to enhance the competitiveness of your business and products.


Diverse Product Options

Protex offers a wide range of in-stock patterns and categories tailored to the latest trends across various markets, meeting the diverse needs of global customers.

Customization Services

Protex provides comprehensive customization services to address complex and challenging individual requirements, ensuring each client’s unique specifications are met.

Innovative Product Development

We can partner with our clients to innovate products that not only meet but exceed market demands. This collaborative approach ensures the creation of unique and competitive market offerings.
Looking For More?

Protex Flooring provides a one-stop solution with a diverse range of products, from flooring to wall panels and accessories, catering to varied customer needs.

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Have questions or ready to start your flooring journey with Protex? Reach out to us! Our dedicated team is here to assist you. Choose your preferred method of contact: 
WhatsApp: +86 13912397749
Tel: +86 510-82719021
Add: No. 118 Laowei Industrial Area, Xinghua, Jiangsu 225768,China.
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