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About Us

Professional flooring supplier, offer the best service to you. Stable quality control and good production management.
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Who are we?

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    Flooring manufacture​​​​​​​r
    We are a leading manufacturer specializing in vinyl flooring. Our product line includes a diverse range of flooring types, such as SPC, WPC and LVT/LVP Flooring.​​​​​​​
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    Global localization service provider
    Offices in The Netherlands and South Korea.
    Excellent full service / support, provide adequate solutions as a sparring partner​​​​​​​.
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    One-stop purchasing supplier
    Protex Flooring is a professional flooring manufacturer that also offers one-stop solution services. We provide a diverse range of products, including flooring, wall panels, and related accessories, catering to the varied needs of different customers.
Why Protex is your trustworthy supplier?

Whether you need wood planks, slate, marble or want a saw-cut look, we can make it happen. Make an offer and our professional team will help you to solve all the problems.


Comprehensive Product Range

Protex offers a wide array of flooring options, including SPC, WPC and LVT/LVP flooring. This variety ensures that customers can find the perfect match for their specific needs, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications.

Global Presence and Support

With offices strategically located in places like the Netherlands and South Korea, we are well-positioned to provide excellent service and support to a global clientele. Protex is dedicated to becoming a trusted partner for customers around the world.

One-Stop Supply Experience

Protex offers comprehensive procurement services, integrated solutions, and expert knowledge to deliver efficient, cost-effective support to our clients, ensuring consistent and reliable service continuity.
Protex is a comprehensive flooring sourcing solution for you!

One-stop procurement service provider


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What Protex Offering?

We offer competitively-priced flooring for whole sellers, retailers and resellers to sell to your customers. We can offer wholesale many existing types of floorings,as well as customized floorings. Our special pricing allows your to make a profit by selling our high-quality products. Become our partner to win you markets!



Efficiently addressing procurement needs, streamlining the purchasing process, minimizing time, and enhancing overall procurement efficiency.


Protex's expertise in industrial production, reinforced by a proficient sales team and unwavering dedication to quality control, ensures professional-grade performance in its market offerings.


Our quality control and management span the entire production process, Our commitment is to consistently deliver top-notch flooring that excels in performance, meeting the continuous demands of our customers.


We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and craftsmanship, constantly seeking innovative and efficient approaches in material selection, production optimization, and product functionality enhancement.
Looking For More?

Protex Flooring provides a one-stop solution with a diverse range of products, from flooring to wall panels and accessories, catering to varied customer needs.

Contact Us
Have questions or ready to start your flooring journey with Protex? Reach out to us! Our dedicated team is here to assist you. Choose your preferred method of contact: 
Phone: +86-139 1239 7749
Tel: +86 510-82719021
Add: No. 118 Laowei Industrial Area, Xinghua, Jiangsu 225768,China.
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