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Protex Flooring FAQs

Explore the comprehensive FAQs from Protex Flooring to find answers to common queries about our high-quality flooring materials. Learn about installation, maintenance, product specifications, and more. Your flooring journey simplified with Protex FAQs.

Product Group

  • Q When is the PROTEX factory founded?

    A PROTEX factory was founded in 1998 producing PVC ceilings and wall panels in Wuxi, Jiangsu, then in 2005 moved to Taizhou, Jiangsu and invested a PVC resin factory, and in 2013 started to make WPC wall panels and floor board, and in 2016 developed SPC floor board as one of the earliest SPC manufacturer in China. With our own PVC resin factory and two decades in PVC industry, we are professional in producing SPC flooring and WPC flooring.
    Our monthly capacity is 500 containers SPC and WPC. Most of our capacity is used for the Chinese customers. Since years we successfully export our flooring to many customers globally. We are constantly developing more direct customers overseas and are always looking for new strategic partners in every country.
  • Q Are you one trade company or factory?

    A Our factory is located in Taizhou with sales offices in Wuxi in China, Seoul in South Korea and Enschede in the Netherlands.The name of our factory is Jiangsu Zhengmei Ecological Wood Industry Co., Ltd. With 26 years experiences in PVC industry, we also set up long term relationships with several factories as contract manufacturing partner in producing LVT flooring, skirting and other floor accessories.
  • Q What are the major sales markets?

    A China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.
  • Q How many production lines do you have?

    A Production capacity:
    SPC extrusion 22 lines 33,000 m2 / day, 825,000 m2 / month 330 FCL’s / month
    WPC extrusion 18 lines 21,600 m2 / day, 540,000 m2 / month 180 FCL’s / month
    Profiling (Hawk + Homag) 3 lines
    UV coating 2 lines
    Padding automatic cutting 1 line
    Printing film 2 lines

  • Q How many colors do you have in your collection?

    A Over 2,000+ colors for wood and stone (tile) look. Every year we develop new colors.
  • Q Which dimensions of your SPC flooring are available?

    Stone (Tile) design
    12" x 12" or 304.8 mm x 304.8 mm
    12" x 24" or 304.8 mm x 609.6 mm
    12" x 36" or 304.8 mm x 914.4 mm
    18" x 36" or 457.2 mm x 914.4 mm
    Wood design 6" / 7" / 9" x 48" / 60"
    150 / 180 / 228mm x 1220 / 1520 mm

  • Q What is your MOQ?

    A Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is:
    500 m2 per color, Max. 4 colors per FCL Selection from stock colors
    3,000 m2 per color, or one FCL Nominated color

  • Q How is sampling organized?

    A Our samples are free of charge. You only need to pay the freight cost.
    Please inform us if you use an account number of FEDEX or UPS or other Express forwarders.
    In special cases we will discuss your situation personally.
  • Q How is packaging of the goods? What's the cost of the packaging materials?

    A The flooring planks are packaged into cartons. Then the cartons are packaged in pallets. The packaging materials cost is included in the quoted prices. So, we will not charge again on these.
  • Q Can we produce with our private labels? How is cost of the customized designs?

    A Definitely, yes! If the order quantity is over one container (one specification), Protex can offer professional design service of cartons, installation guide, labels and etc. And the design service is free of charge!
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