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Application Technology
Explore the advanced Application Technology at Protex, featuring expert techniques for both Floating and Glue Down Flooring. Discover precision in every installation, ensuring a seamless and lasting foundation for your spaces. Elevate your flooring experience with our innovative application methods.
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Floating Flooring

Explore the versatility and innovation of Floating Flooring at Protex. Our cutting-edge solutions redefine your spaces with seamless installation and enduring quality. Elevate your interiors with the freedom of Floating Flooring options.

Product adaptation time-not less than 24h

Flooring should be cured at least 24 hours before installation. Do not stack flooring boxes more than 5 boxes high and remove flooring 30 minutes before use. Room temperature should ideally be between 15 and 28°C, but more importantly the temperature changes should be relatively constant.

Surface moisture content test

The base layer should be dry. When the moisture content of the base layer is between 4% and 8%, or when the moisture content of the base layer with floor heating is between 2% and 8%, measures should be taken to strengthen ventilation and wait for drying or to apply a water-free and solvent-free epoxy moisture-proof isolation layer. When the moisture content of the base layer is greater than 8%, construction should wait until it is dry enough to meet the requirements.

Moisture-proof film

Before laying the floor, use a sealed moisture-proof membrane to isolate the surface from the floor.

Subfloor flatness

When the flatness of the base is less than or equal to 4mm/2m, 2mm thick cement-based self-leveling mortar can be used for leveling. When the flatness of the base is greater than 4mm/2m, cement-based self-leveling mortar with a thickness greater than 2mm should be used for leveling. The surface flatness after leveling treatment should meet the requirements of less than 2mm/2m.

Expansion joints

Shrinkage seams on the four sides: ≥8mm. The shrinkage seams only carry out positive tolerances and no negative tolerances. If skirting is used, the skirting should be fixed to the wall but not glued to the floor to ensure the effective function of the shrinkage joints.

Large area partitions

The installation area shall not exceed 8 meters on one side. The excess part shall be divided by transitional connections.

Click system installation method

Strictly adhere to the installation methods of different locking systems.
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