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Your Solution Architect for Market Challenges

Protex not a retailer,not a brand,not a trader,not just a manufacturer. We are your problem-solving partner in the global flooring industry, dedicated to delivering customized ODM supply chain solutions. At Protex, we rise to meet challenges and innovate solutions, exploring endless market possibilities together with you.
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What We Offer?

We provide a one-stop solution with market-protected ODM support.

Our Range of Customizations

Production process customization
Discover our range of customized services designed to enhance product performance and market appeal. From production process adjustments to embossed patterns, special colors, exclusive logos, packaging, and marketing tools, Protex ensures that your unique needs are met with precision and creativity. Partner with us to turn your ideas into reality and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Production process customization

Based on the usage needs of different markets, make corresponding adjustments to the product's production process so that the product can play a better performance role in this market

Embossed Customization

Protex has developed dozens of different sets of embossing pattern to meet the embossing needs of various markets. At the same time, Protex is happy to work with clients to develop new patterns to match their latest needs.

Special colors customization

In order to highlight product differentiation and better promote healthy competition in the market. Protex is committed to working with customers to develop special patterns and colors,and provide market protection.The following are the color film suppliers we have stable cooperation with:

Exclusive logo customization

Not only the outer packaging, but also the padding of the product can be printed with client's logo.

Sales tool customization

Protex is committed to providing our clients with customized marketing tools, such as display racks, sample books, etc., so that our customers can get the most powerful sales guarantee.

The Benefits of Working With Us

  • Reduced procurement management: With26 years of export experience, we offer professional procurement management services.
  • Lower costs: Having our own manufacturing facilities, we can offer more competitive prices.
  • Wider selection: Through resource integration, we provide the best product solutions.
  • Better quality: With our dedicated QC team, we monitor the production process throughout, ensuring stable and reliable quality.
  • Market protection: We focus on long-term partnership relationships, offering market protection for our clients.

Marketing Customization

Marketing customization is a cornerstone of our commitment at Protex. We specialize in creating bespoke marketing tools tailored to your brand's unique identity and market positioning. Our customized offerings include eye-catching display racks, engaging sample books, and other impactful promotional materials. By leveraging these personalized marketing tools, our clients can achieve the most powerful sales guarantee, making a lasting impact and driving success in their target markets. Partner with Protex to unlock the full potential of your marketing strategies and elevate your brand presence.
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