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  • In 1998
    • PROTEX Flooring was founded in Wuxi Jiangsu in 1998.
  • In 2004
    • PROTEX started exporting laminate flooring to South Korea.
      In the same year, PROTEX KOREA was set up in Seoul, Mr. SC Lee joined in as the partner, to develop the market in South Korea and promote engineered flooring and floor base.
      组 52
  • In 2014
    • In order to improve the anti-scratch of the floor surface, PROTEX, together with our partner in South Korea developed new technology EIR HPL sheet. Up to now, PROTEX has over 80% market share of EIR HPL in South Korea. 

      PROTEX new HPL Flooring is produced by our cooperation factory in South Korea. This eco-friendly HPL flooring has firm surface to prevent denting, scratching and shock. It is made only using waterproof plywood.
  • In 2015
    • PROTEX invested in a new factory in Xinghua Jiangsu which covers 18000 square meters, began to produce LVT flooring and WPC flooring.

  • In 2016
    • PROTEX R&D team developed a new product – Rigid Vinyl flooring, which is also called SPC flooring (Stone Plastic Composite), a new generation of PVC flooring
  • In 2018
    • PROTEX attended Surface Event in Las Vegas USA, which was a world-class experience for exhibitors and buyers.
  • In 2019
    • Innovative product – MSPC Flooring
      PROTEX R&D team began to develop scratch-free SPC flooring with surface Aluminum Oxide Overlay. This innovation significantly improved scratch resistance of SPC flooring and brought more possibilities to the flooring material industry.
  • In 2020
    • Fight together against COVID-19 Protex launched 300 customers care action to provide customers with masks, disinfectant and other anti-epidemic materials
  • Aug 31 - Sept 02, 2020
    • DOMOTEX Asia in Shanghai restarted the business as the first exhibition of the flooring industry worldwide after the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. PROTEX participated in this exhibition and showed our concern and strength successfully.
      To be continue...

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