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How to Choose a Quality Wholesale Vinyl Plank Flooring Supplier?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-07-01      Origin: Site


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When it comes to this question, I think most people have known the answer. They are three main factors: Quality, Price, Service. Why i put the quality as the first position is that a good quality product is always the base of any commercial cooperation. It is like a building, if the foundation was not built well and has some potential problems, it will definitely collapse one day. Thus i will firstly talk about how to choose a quality vinyl plank flooring?


Let us take SPC flooring as an example. Next i will show you total 7 main points to discern the quality of SPC.

Physical performance

You can try to bend it by different strength to test its toughness and try to knock on it to test its stiffness. These physical performance is relative to SPC flooring’s inner ingredients rate.

test the flooring stiffness

As we know, SPC flooring is mainly made of PVC resin and limestone powder. The rate of the former to the latter is 1:3 approximately. There are some other agents as well such as stabilizer and CPE. The rate among these raw materials will affect the final SPC flooring a lot. Let us pay more attention to the two main raw materials, which will directly determine its performance that whether it is good or bad. Here is a sheet for your reference to make it obviously to understand. This sheet use 0~10 to represent the SPC flooring stiffness and toughness without considering any other agents.

SPC flooring stiffness and toughness

From the sheet, it indicates that SPC flooring’s stiffness is mainly related to limestone powder percentage while SPC flooring’s toughness is mainly related to PVC resin percentage. it is easy to discern that when the rate reaches 1:3, the total stiffness and toughness performance will become better.

Manufacture will use density meter to inspect these two materials rate. Commonly when the rate comes up to 1:3.2, the density is about 1950kg/m3. Whereas, when it comes up to 1:3, the density will increase to about 2050kg/m3.

In factories, quality control will also inspect its raw materials by using calcium iron analyzer. This instrument will inspect its inner calcium content and iron content. According to the standard, the iron should be very little and even none because the magnetism of iron will affect the production a lot. Thus the less the iron has, the purer the calcium will be.

Test Instruments

Substrate color

SPC flooring's core color should be paid attention to as well. Beige is considered as its original or pure color. Some mixed materials which contains other ingredients or agents will appear gray and cyan.

Manufacture will use brightness tester to inspect its CaCO3 color. This purity will influence the final substrate. Actually when the CaCO3 content is pure enough, it will appear approaching white.The reason why beige is the better color is that the substrate surface will cause chemical reflecting with Oxide in the air and the white turns to become beige.

Whiteness tester

Surface pattern

The overlay patterns sometimes will expand because the color film will integrate with wear layer and core by rollers during production. The rollers will provide a large pulling strength, which will probably make the color film expand and then the pattern will become longer and lighter.

Color film stretching

Touch feeling

You will feel a smooth and delicate feeling when touching on SPC surface. The mixed or recycled materials will give you a dry feeling. What’s more, texture should also be noticed. If the texture grooves depth is not deep enough, it will influence the overlay slip resistance. And if the texture grooves width is too thin, it will influence the surface glossiness as well.

floor Touch feeling

Surface durability

There are about 3 aspects you should care about to simply evaluate its durable performance. Surface durability is mainly related to its overlay UV coating.

1_The first is scratch resistance, which is the most important point to determine its durability and lifetime. You can try to scratch its surface by using a coin. If it can be easily scratched off something, it is not good.

2_The second is stain resistance. You can use a marker pen to draw on it and then try to clean it by wet towel. If is easy to remove, it is good.

3_The third is coating adhesive strength. You can try to peel the overlay from the cutting edge.

Surface durability

Glossiness & Smell

These are very convenient to assess by eyes and nose. You can take a detailed look at its surface from different directions by putting it in sunlight and indoor environment. If you can see some small light spot, it is not good.

You can go closely to the flooring and then smell it from different parts, especially cutting edges. If there is some bad smell, it means this flooring was probably made of mixed or recycled materials.

The smell of the floor

Click firmness

Pressing hard on the SPC flooring’s female buckle of the edge is a convenient and good method to test its click firmness. If it is made of mixed or recycled materials, the click lock will be easily to break and damage.

Another way to test its firmness is that you can combine two pieces of SPC flooring by integrating its male and female buckle. Then pulling them from contrary directions. If these two pieces of SPC flooring are easily to split, it should be consider as bad quality product.

Manufacture laboratory will use peeling meter to test its click performance.

Click firmness


Quality is the base, while price is the core. A good price is always being fond of by most customers. People is always tried to create and seek both good quality and cheap price products from past to now. Though there are many very cheap small commodities in the market, price is not the only factor that can will be considered by more and more customers.


A good price sometimes may hit customers’ heart, But a good service will help you gain a long-term cooperation relationship. As above said, quality is the base and price is the core, and then service is the top. Maybe a big customer can not be moved by your cheap price and good quality because they have their own supplier for a long time. However, service will be the final weapon to catch the final little chance. It consists many aspects such as lead time, efficient problems solutions, attitude to bad quality feedback and so on. B2B can be also described as person to person.

Sometimes a success to cooperate with big customers and achieve big orders is always not always the good price or the good quality, but always a small detail, which can easily be ignored but catch customer’s heart. A good service will finally give you a surprise and a long-term business friendship.



In all, let us turn back to the original question: “How to Choose a Quality Wholesale Vinyl Plank Flooring Supplier?”, quality, price and service should be all considered. These three points have close relationship with each other. Protex is adhering consistent to provide good quality, better price and best service for every customer.

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