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Does spc flooring expand and contract?

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SPC Flooring is an upgrade of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), it's special designed with Click-Locking joint system, easy installation, water-proof, the basic material is Stone-Plastic composite, it's formaldehyde free, completely safe flooring covering materials for both residential and public environment. SPC's signature rigid core is virtually indestructible, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic and commercial environments.



Best SPC Flooring

SPC FLOORING (Rigid Core LVP) is an upgrade and improvement of rigid core luxury vinyl flooring (LVT flooring),the leading products for future.

As a extruded core material, the SPC core is a composite material made of calcium carbonate, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer.



Does SPC flooring expand?

The humidity of a room can vary due to differences between the seasons. Therefore your SPC floor must be able to expand and contract in all directions. This expansion can amount to 2mm per meter (1/12 in. per 3.28 ft.), so the greater the surface area, the greater the room for expansion required.


Factors that can cause problems

Maintaining a controlled indoor environment is not only pleasant for you, it’s nice for your floor, as well. Extreme shifts in temperature can play havoc on a floating floor; but even in the best of HVAC conditions, floors will react to even subtle changes over time. Always be sure to keep the installed environment temperatures consistently between 65°F and 80°F. Also be sure to keep any radiant (in-floor) heating systems to a temperature that will not heat the floor above 85°F. Areas with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight should have suitable window coverings to lessen the amount of generated heat that will be exposed on the floor, especially during peak sun hours.

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