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How to Cut Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-02-01      Origin: Site


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In 2024, PVC flooring will still be the mainstream product on the market, and many users will choose products such as SPC. One of the reasons is that SPC is a product suitable for home DIY. When installing this type of PVC floor, cutting will inevitably occur. So how to cut the PVC floor quickly? Today’s article will teach you how to do it.

What circumstances does it need to cut PVC flooring?

Mark the size

(1) Need to adjust size

When te length or width of the flooring does not fit the dimensions of the room, it will need to be cut to fit the

space based on the specific dimensions of the room.

(2) Avoid obstacles

If there are fixed obstructions in the room, such as columns, pipes, or irregularly shaped areas, the flooring may need to be cut to accommodate these obstructions.

(3) Carry out seam processing

At floor joints, cuts may be required to ensure neat and beautiful joints or to accommodate laying in different directions.

(4) There are special design requirements

If you need to achieve a specific design effect, such as pattern splicing or special shape laying, it may be necessary to cut the PVC floor.

Make sufficient preparations before cutting the PVC floor

You can refer to the following steps to prepare:

(1) Measurement size

Start by accurately measuring the dimensions of the room, including length, width, and height. Also determine the location of doors, windows, fixtures, and other obstructions. Finally, calculate the total floor area required, including any cuts that may need to be made. Step is complete.

(2) Budget quantity

The second step is to estimate the number of floors required based on the measurement results. Pay attention to possible loss and cutting. Usually we recommend purchasing 5-10% more flooring as spare. When preparing the floor, you can calculate the number of pieces of flooring you need based on the room dimensions and floor dimensions. You will need to take into account the laying pattern and joints, which may require additional flooring to suit the layout of the room.

Paving floors

(3) Prepare and inspect the floor

After purchasing a batch of floors to be installed, first check the quality of the floor to ensure there is no damage or defects; secondly, confirm the batch and color of the floor to avoid color differences caused by different batches.

(4) Preparation of tools and materials

To prepare the floor, cutting tools and auxiliary materials are essential, such as special PVC floor cutting knives or electric saws, adhesives, welding rods, joint strips and other accessories. For cutting tools, make sure they are in good condition to ensure accurate and safe cutting. Secondly, confirm the compatibility of all materials and accessories with the floor to ensure that the accessories can be used.

The floor is marked

(5) Make a laying plan

Next, it is necessary to formulate a detailed laying plan. Taking into account the light and furniture layout in the room, determine the starting point, laying direction and joint position of the floor to determine the best visual effect.

(6) Environmental preparation

After everything is ready, you can start laying. Make sure the ground is clean, flat, and free of dust and debris. If necessary, some level of floor preparation, such as sanding or cleaning, can be performed to ensure a smooth fit.

(7) Safety measures

When working, please take appropriate safety measures, such as wearing safety glasses and gloves; make sure the work area is well ventilated to avoid inhaling dust generated during cutting.

Measure the size

Cutting PVC flooring

Everyone needs to pay attention to the following details and methods to ensure the accuracy and safety of the cutting process:

(1) Accurate measurement

Before cutting, carefully measure the length and width of your desired flooring to make sure your cut lines are accurate.

(2) Use professional tools

Use cutting tools suitable for PVC materials, such as a dedicated PVC floor cutter, electric saw or laser cutter.

(3) Mark clearly

Mark the cutting lines clearly on the floor with chalk or a marker to avoid errors during the cutting process.

(4) Fixed floor

Before cutting, make sure the floor is securely fastened to the workbench to prevent it from moving during the cutting process.

(5) Keep a straight line

Use a ruler or cutting guide to aid in making sure your cut lines are straight and even.

(6) Appropriate angle

For cuts that require a specific angle, such as a 45-degree angle, use an angle ruler or cutting template to ensure the angle is accurate.

(7) Test cutting

Before formal cutting, you can test cut on a piece of discarded PVC floor to familiarize yourself with the use of tools and cutting skills.

(8) Cut slowly

When cutting, the movement should be steady and slow to avoid uneven edges or damage to the floor due to rapid cutting.

(9) Check edges

After cutting, check whether the edges of the floor are smooth and trim them with sandpaper or an edge trimmer if necessary.

(10) Avoid overheating

Power tools may generate heat when cutting, be careful not to overheat the floor to avoid deformation or damage.

(11) Clean work area

After cutting, clean the work area to make sure there are no debris or dust left behind.

In fact, once everything is ready, you will find that cutting the floor is not difficult. You just need to do your homework in advance. If you don't understand the content, you can also ask the supplier for help and advice. DIY at home, get started if you want! Welcome to contact Protex!

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