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How to Clean and Care for Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-08-28      Origin: Site


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Luxury Vinyl flooring is not only popular because of how affordable and versatile it is, but it’s also incredibly easy to take care of day-to-day (and over time!). In this post, I’m going to give you a few hints & tips on how to ensure your new luxury vinyl flooring stays looking as good as new, as well as pointing out a few rookie cleaning mistakes you definitely want to avoid.

Less is More Day-to-Day

The great thing about Luxury Vinyl flooring is that you don’t have to pull out a kit of lotions and potions when it comes time to clean it. Day-to-day, the best thing for vinyl flooring is a light sweep using a soft broom (or a vacuum cleaner) and then a simple mop using warm or cold water, a damp mop and a gentle approved cleaner from your local supermarket or Choices Flooring store.

Dry and Gentle wins the Race

Ensure you don’t wet the Luxury Vinyl too much when mopping. Although it’s resistant to moisture and humidity, splashing too much water on it will do it no good over time. There are vinyl-friendly cleaning products on the market, but even something as simple as a dash of vinegar in your mop bucket can do wonders too. You don’t have to scrub too hard, either. The more gentle you are with your Luxury Vinyl Flooring, the better.

Tackling Harsher Spills and Scuffs

The good news is that dealing with unexpected spills is also an easy road to navigate. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to clean any spill up right away. Acidic soft drinks and other sugary substances can be harder to tackle the longer they’re left. You won’t need to use anything harder than warm water with a gentle cleaner to wipe up messes, and you’ll notice that no hard scrubbing is required either; it’s a cinch! For removing any tough scuff marks or to just give your Luxury Vinyl a new lease of life, I recommend resealing your floors. This process is quite simple to do and can to found in the Choices Flooring's Care and Maintenance brochure.

Mistakes to Avoid with Luxury Vinyl

Don’t use harsh cleaners on the floor as it will damage the Luxury Vinyl

Don’t use steel wool to scrub the floor as it can take away the shine

Avoid splashing too much water on the floor as it can damage the glue underneath

If using cleaners, always rinse away with warm water afterwards

Don’t let your furniture scrape on the floor. Felt adhesive strips should be placed on the legs of chairs, tables and sofas

All in all, the best approach when it comes to cleaning Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a soft one. No scrubbing, no harsh chemicals, and don’t be too heavy-handed with the water. If you follow these basic steps your Luxury Vinyl will look as good as new - years after you’ve had it installed!

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