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What Is Mineral Core Flooring?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-06-24      Origin: Site


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When it comes to mineral core flooring, people will be confused. But if you hear MGO, you will understand what it is. MGO is a mineral core flooring mainly made of MGO mineral substances. It is a brand-new flooring recent years, has many advantages and using scenarios in people's daily life.


Mineral core flooring has many mineral substances, and according to this, it has been divided into two main types: MgCl2 flooring and MgSO4 flooring. The former as its name, is mainly made of MgCl2 and some other micro mineral substances. It gives the flooring a very outstanding stable performance with water resistant and fire resistant. Therefore it was very popular in past few years. The latter is mainly made of MgSO4 instead of MgCl2, it has nearly same performances with MgCl2 flooring.

mineral core flooring1

However, both these two types mineral core flooring have their own disadvantages that can not be ignored. MgCl2 flooring will appear a phenomenon called 'Anti-halogen'. This phenomenon means that when MGO flooring is laid out in humid environment, it will absorb the moisture from air and cause chemical reflecting with mineral substances. Then after reflecting, it will appear many water droplets and even become a large pool of water. This phenomenon will seriously affect the flooring deformation and will be easy to damage for to long time staying in humid environment. MgSO4 flooring does not have this problem but it is brittle and very easy to break by static heavy or dynamic impact. Above all, both these two mineral core flooring will cause some problems during people’s daily use and does not have a acceptable lifetime. Thus another ungraded type of mineral core flooring, called 'MFC', is invented and start to appear in public sight.

mineral core flooring2

What is MFC?

MFC is one type of mineral core flooring as well. Its full name is ‘Mineral Fiber Compound’. As its name shows, it is mainly made of mineral substances and wood fiber. This mineral substances consist of MgCl2 as well, but control and adjust its rate. According to scientific test result, ‘Anti-halogen’ phenomenon is directly related to Cl element. Whereas, this phenomenon will not happen when the content rate of Cl is less than 5%. MFC flooring has reached a balance between stiffness and toughness by allocating MgO, MgCl2 and wood fiber rate reasonably. As a result, MFC can not only avoid ‘Anti-halogen’ but also become rigid enough to face environment variation.

mineral core flooring3

Every manufacture has its own allocation rate for mineral substances and wood fiber. As we know, everything will lead to extreme unpredictable result if becoming too much. The purpose is same that they all try to seek and realize the best balance.


What are the difference between MFC and other flooring?

Production procedure

MFC structure is very similar to laminate with wear paper, decor paper and balance paper. The only difference is its core. Laminate is produced mainly by hot pressing in order to integrate these four layers tightly. While MFC is integrated by its inner mineral substances chemical reflecting with each other. It is produced by pressing instead of hot pressing. Thus MFC will not use any glue during the whole production and it is no formaldehyde of course.


MFC size is same with laminate. The regular size is 1215/1515mm x 145/165/195mm, and the regular thickness is 8/10/12mm. The density is about 1450 kg/m3, higher than laminate but less than SPC flooring.


MFC has many outstanding and unique advantages compared with many other flooring. It is famous with its fireproof, which can reach up to A2 level. This level is belong to non-combustible according to EN 13501-1 standard. It has better fire resistant performance than nearly all vinyl flooring and laminate.

This advantage makes it very suitable to use as wall panel in tall building because fireproof performance determines the safety on high floors.

mineral core flooring4

MFC is also anti-bacteria and anti-termite due to its inorganic materials. Thus it is very suitable for South East Asia countries such as Thailand and Malaysia. It is PVC free as well, which meets the plastic limit law in some Europe countries.

mineral core flooring5

In summary, mineral core flooring has played a more and more important role during flooring development. If you have any interest in this type of flooring, Protex Flooring will be your best choice. We always seek and design brand-new and high quality products for every customer and we will always be your reliable one-stop supplier.

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