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Is the thicker the PVC floor, the longer the warranty

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When many people choose PVC flooring, they will fall into a misunderstanding, that is, they think that the thicker the PVC flooring, the better, and the thicker it is, the longer the warranty, forming a fixed thinking.

This idea is not correct, the warranty of the PVC floor is not necessarily related to the thickness.

When the PVC floor is in use, the structural layer that directly contacts and is worn is the common wear-resistant layer in the PVC floor, and the wear-resistant layer is extremely wear-resistant. Generally, the wear-resistant layer can make the floor use for about 10 years. , the warranty will be longer.

The specific warranty of PVC plastic floor should also be judged according to the actual application of natural environment.

1. Types of PVC flooring

From the nature of use, there are several categories such as residential use, commercial use, and special grade.

2. Forming process

In the production process, there are composite PVC floors made of multi-layer structures, and one-piece homogeneous and transparent PVC floors. The homogeneous through-heart type is more wear-resistant and has a longer warranty.

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