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A list of these wpc deck flooring articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional wpc deck flooring, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
04 - 24
What is SPC flooring vs Laminate
SPC floor is a new product, the full name of SPC floor is Stone Plastic Composite. Laminate floor has been produced for many years. SPC Floor VS Laminate Floor, we will know the same and difference between these two products. SPC floor and laminate floor both can provide wooded feel colors. They bot
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04 - 20
Does SPC Flooring Scratch?
First of all, I will tell you that SPC flooring is wear-resistant but not scratch-resistant. After the scratching of sharp materials, for example, the key or knife, the UV coating layer and wear layer will be damaged. Though the décor film layer has not been cut by sharp materials, because of the pr
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04 - 17
Does SPC flooring need underlayment?
Does Rigid core spc flooring require underlay? When it comes to flooring such as spc flooring, it is usually a requirement to firstly add an underlay,and underlayment EVA,IXPE,Cork are popular and mostly accepted by clients who want to use spc flooring for residential or commercial place.This is so
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04 - 13
What is the best quality SPC Flooring
SPC flooring, as a new type of flooring material, has become the darling since it was launched due to its advantages such as various patterns, colors and textures and other excellent performances. With its popularity, the differing quality has been an issue. We here will talk about how to distinguis
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