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What is the best quality SPC Flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-13      Origin: Site


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SPC flooring, as a new type of flooring material, has become the darling since it was launched due to its advantages such as various patterns, colors and textures and other excellent performances. 

With its popularity, the differing quality has been an issue. We here will talk about how to distinguish the good from the bad.


1.Check the Plank

A good SPC flooring plank must be flat and even with 90 degree angles. There is no crack or no deformation. The surface textures are clear and fine. 

2.Check the Click

With excellent click lock design and production, a flawless SPC flooring after installation much be even and tight. No visible gap or unevenness.

3.Inspect Light Penetration

A fine SPC flooring is good at light transmission because it is made of 100% virgin material, which results in the pureness of the rigid core. 

4. Exam the Color

The rigid core of good SPC flooring is white with slight tint of yellow without variegations. But some flooring's rigid core has a darker tone, which means there are secondary used material mixed in it. 

5. Anti-slip

A good SPC flooring is anti-slip and it has higher friction coefficient confronting with water and moisture. You can spill some water on the floor and walk on to test it. 

6. Waterproof

SPC flooring has elite performances on waterproof and moisture-proof. It will not mold in humid environment. No expansion or deformation even if you soak it in the water. 

7. Scratch Resistance

A perfect SPC flooring is good at scratch resistance. It can withstand your active daily life. Kid proof and pet proof. No single scratch left on the surface. 

8. Stain Resistance

An excellent SPC flooring has a superior stain resistance performance such as DECENT SPC flooring, which is processed with innovative UV coating technique. Easy to wipe and clean against wine stain, soil buildup, oil or any other type of tints or spots. 

9. Flame Retardant

Flame retardant classification B1. The burning cigarette will go out within 5s. No stain or toxic and harmful gas left. 

10. Check Certifications

A good SPC flooring must meet the strict quality standards such as floorscore and CE. It would be more assured after being certified by authorities. 

11. Inspect the manufacturer

A competent manufacturer has strict quality standards and inspections. It will innovate and improve the product attributes only for providing the best flooring to the consumers. 

With above 11,that will be best quality spc flooring.

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