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Can Hybrid flooring be laid over tiles?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-25      Origin: Site


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Firstly, it’s easier than you think! This can be done as a DIY project although you may prefer to employ a professional who will probably install it quicker.

As long as your installation surface is relatively flat, you can install hybrid flooring over almost anything. This means that you can definitely lay hybrid flooring over tiles, timber, or laminate, although you should keep in mind that hybrid floors are optimally installed where the floor is relatively level.

Tools requirement is Rubber Mallet and Cutting saw, So let us start to install:

Install the product from left to right leaving a 6mm expansion gap around the perimeter.

Position the first plank so that the grooved edge is facing you.

Put the short end of the second plank in the short end groove of the first plank with the fold-down method and tap gently along the joint with a rubber mallet to engagethe click. Continue the first row installation.

Position the long side of the first plank in the second row in the long groove of the first row with angle - angle method.

Position the short end of the second row in the short groove of the first plank with the fold-down method and engage the click with the rubber mallet. Continue second row installation.

Whenever possible, avoid having plank joints over top of seams or joints in the existing substrate.

For natural appearance, end joints of all planks should be installed with staggered random length. A min. of 200mm or more is recommender to avoid repeating pattern.

Make sure the planks are mixed sufficiently during installation so that no identical panels are installed next to one another

After the first 3 rows, use a string line to check for straightness. If they are not straight, the starting row of planks may have to be re-trimmed to account for any unevenness from the wall. This can be done without having to dissemble these rows.

Finishing the installation by installing scotia or skirting around perimeters

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