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spc wood

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08 - 23
Some Introduction of SPC EIR technology
UV Coating is a very glossy, shiny coating applied to the surface which protects the underlying material from such radiation’s harmful effects.The main reasons for UV coating on SPC flooring are as follows:1. To enhance the surface wear-resistance feature, it contains ceramic components and makes th
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10 - 19
Starring: Stairs! A Step-by-Step look at installing SPC on Stairs
Without any shadow of a doubt, the product that we get the most questions about is our SPC flooring. It makes sense - it's a bigger scale project, with more necessary considerations, and is most likely to be somewhat daunting for a first-timer. We're always so excited to hear from someone who's gear
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09 - 20
2021 Flooring Trends
2021 Top Flooring Trends1) Vinyl FlooringRigid Core Vinyl PlanksAs technology advances, vinyl flooring gets closer and closer to natural wood and stone looks. Decorative patterns are gaining in popularity as well. Even better, all this beauty comes with no extra work. Vinyl floors involve less upkee
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08 - 25
Can Hybrid flooring be laid over tiles?
Firstly, it’s easier than you think! This can be done as a DIY project although you may prefer to employ a professional who will probably install it quicker.As long as your installation surface is relatively flat, you can install hybrid flooring over almost anything. This means that you can definite
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02 - 01
Is SPC Flooring Better Than Laminate?
Many people might mistakenly think that both SPC and laminate flooring are the same. No, there are not. But don’t they look similar?Well, it’s indeed difficult to differentiate both SPC and laminate flooring visually. Despite that, there are tons of differences between these two flooring and as you
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12 - 18
MSPC, Melamine Stone Plastic Composition, which is an innovation of flooring products. An aluminum oxide finished overlay seals the surface of the flooring, and protects against scratches and daily wear and tear. So, the overlay has better performance of the PVC wear layer. It also slows the process
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05 - 27
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