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Is SPC Flooring Better Than Laminate?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-02-01      Origin: Site


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Many people might mistakenly think that both SPC and laminate flooring are the same. No, there are not. But don’t they look similar?


Well, it’s indeed difficult to differentiate both SPC and laminate flooring visually. Despite that, there are tons of differences between these two flooring and as you compare the composition, functions and features, you will be convinced how different they are.

1. Core Material

Generally, both laminate and SPC flooring consist of 4 layers which are the backing layer, core, printed design layer and top with wear layer. The differences are the material used for each layer, especially the core material.


Laminate Flooring

Core material used for this type of flooring is normally fiberboard. It can be medium density fiberboard (MDF) or high density fiberboard (HDF) depending on the quality of laminate flooring you choose.


The use of compressed wood fiber as core material also make laminate flooring prone to have similar existing problems of wood flooring. So don’t be surprised if you found your laminate flooring affected by mould, mildew and even termite sometimes.


SPC Flooring

Stone Plastic Composite, the main materials are PVC & Stone Powder. Solid SPC has high density which make it tough enough to sustain heavy foot traffic, durable and of course water proof.


2. Cost

As the main materials’ cost are different, usually SPC flooring is more expensive than laminate in the similar standards.


Not just that, installation and maintenance cost should be part of the consideration as well-installed flooring that is under good care can last for many years.


3. Installation

You can say that both laminate and SPC flooring comes with range of products that are suitable for diy. The installation process may seem simple but still it requires some experience and skills.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring with snap-and-lock mechanism is one of the product range that ease the whole installation process. However, if it is not well-fitted, the gaps and edges that are sensitive to moisture will bring severe damage to the floor once penetrated by water.


When preparing laminate to fit in with the measurement, professional equipment like circular saw with specific blade and cutting table are required.


SPC Flooring

Even though you can find SPC flooring suitable for diy but it may not be as easy as it seems. You will need certain skills like spreading glue evenly and cutting of sheet when installing sheet SPC flooring.


You will also need to put in some extra effort if you are installing SPC flooring with click-and-lock mechanism.

4. Water Resistance

Laminate Flooring

As mentioned, core material of laminate flooring is made of wood fiber and therefore it is susceptible to water or moisture.

Issues like swelling and curl-up edges are quite common once laminate flooring comes into contact with water.


SPC Flooring

Luxury SPC flooring is good in water resistance. Because the PVC and stone powder don’t absorb water at all. This is the reason why you can see SPC flooring can be installed in wet areas like bathrooms, laundry areas and kitchens.


So, first thing first, be clear about the purpose of your flooring usage. If possible, do look for the type of SPC flooring that features good water resistance.

5. Thickness

Laminate Flooring

The average thickness of laminate flooring is around 6mm to 12mm. Due to the structure of layers and materials used, laminate flooring is generally much thicker than SPC flooring.


SPC Flooring

Thickness of SPC flooring can be as thin as 3.2mm and maximum up to 6mm. Heavy duty SPC flooring will normally have thickness up to 5mm and it also comes with a thicker wear layer.


6. Environmental Effect

To be honest, both laminate and SPC flooring consist of potentially toxic material. One being the usage of melamine and the latter uses PVC. Melamine is known for being toxic due to the emission of Formaldehyde gas while PVC releases Chlorine gas.


However, the reason why both are still widely acceptable in the market today is the fact that U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has indicate the emission of these toxic gases is… rare. So, fret not! The threat is still considered minimal.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring uses fiberboard as core material and it can definitely be recycled. And the fiberboard is made from glue. So laminate flooring will have emission of Formaldehyde definitely.


SPC Flooring

SPC flooring is made from virgin PVC resin and Stone Powder, without glue. So SPC flooring does not contain Formaldehyde at all.


7. Termite Resistance

Laminate Flooring

Since laminate flooring consist of wood material, it is actually under the risk of termite attack. Laminate planks or tiles suffer from termite attack will eventually loosen, become brittle and losing its functionality.


SPC Flooring

SPC flooring is not produced using any wood material, making it 100% termite resistance. So you need not worry about termite attack.

8. Flooring Maintenance & Cleaning

Laminate Flooring

While some say cleaning of laminate flooring is pretty simple and easy, but that’s not the case when it comes to maintaining the flooring.


Laminate flooring is sensitive to moisture and water. If you are having laminate flooring at home, make sure that your laminate flooring stays dry and avoid using wet mop when cleaning.


SPC Flooring

Cleaning of SPC flooring can be done by sweeping and damp mopping. It’s water resistant but still you wouldn’t want any moisture or water penetrate through the seam. So, you should avoid flooding the floor with water or steam mopping.


Is SPC Flooring Better Than Laminate?

As you can see, both laminate and SPC flooring have lots of differences. Considering the performance, we believe SPC flooring is better of laminate flooring and will be the most popular flooring materials in a long term. 

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