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Some Introduction of SPC EIR technology

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SPC (stone plastic composite) stone plastic floor is a new environmentally-friendly floor developed based on high technology. It contains no formaldehyde which makes it mildew-proof, moisture-proof, fireproof, insect-proof, dust mite-proof and easy to install.

SPC floor is extruded by extruder and T-die , with four-roll or five-roller calender, respectively, PVC wear layer, PVC decorative film and PVC substrate, one-time heating paste, embossed products. The process is simple, close by heat to complete, do not need any glue.

The surface type of SPC Flooring is mainly based on deep embossing or light embossing. Embossed in Register, is a high-end technology, the embossed and decorative film can be matched completely. It seems like the real wood look whatever the vision sense or tactile sense.

There are two different EIR production processes in our company. In-line and Off-line(also called hot pressing).

EIR In-line

In the IN-LINE EIR process, all EIR texturing is done on automatic machines using customized steel cylinder. The pattern is easy to deviate and depth of pattern is difficult to control.

EIR Off line(hot pressing)

In OFF-LINE EIR process, the EIR texturing is done separately by workers using a hot press machine with customized steel plate after the SPC production. The pattern is more clear and depth of pattern can be controlled.

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