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What is SPC flooring vs Laminate

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SPC floor is a new product, the full name of SPC floor is Stone Plastic Composite. Laminate floor has been produced for many years. SPC Floor VS Laminate Floor, we will know the same and difference between these two products.

SPC floor and laminate floor both can provide wooded feel colors. They both have wood texture and wood colors, make home close to nature. SPC floor and laminate floor have clicks, it is very easy for install, do not need any glue. They can be used in commercial and residential areas. The prices of SPC floor and laminate floor are cheaper than engineered floor and solid floor. Both laminate floor and SPC floor are easy to maintain and clean.

There also have much difference between SPC floor and laminate floor.

1, Laminate floor has four layers structure, including abrasion layer, decor paper layer, HDF Core board layer and balance layer. SPC floor has abrasion layer, decor paper layer and SPC core board layer.

2, Laminate floor is not waterproof, SPC floor is 100% waterproof. SPC floor can be used in any area, including bathroom or kitchen. Laminate floor is widely used in living room and bedroom etc.

3, SPC floor is E0, no harm influence for environments, including kids and pets. E1 standard is the most popular in laminate floor.

4, SPC floor popular thickness are 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm etc. Laminate floor popular thickness are 8mm, 12mm etc.

5, Laminate floor has thickness swelling and expansion caused by heat and contraction caused by cold. SPC floor is much more stable than laminate floor. Normally the expansion joints during installation, the laminate floor needs to be 8-10mm, SPC floor only need 4-5mm.

6, Laminate floor is a kind of wood flooring (made from wood fiber), SPC floor feels harder than laminate floor.

SPC floor and laminate floor will become more and more popular. When we know more about the floor, we will know what kind floor is suitable for ourselves.


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