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Does SPC Flooring Scratch?

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First of all, I will tell you that SPC flooring is wear-resistant but not scratch-resistant.

After the scratching of sharp materials, for example, the key or knife, the UV coating layer and wear layer will be damaged. Though the décor film layer has not been cut by sharp materials, because of the protecting of UV coating and wear layer, the wound on SPC flooring surface has already occurred. Due to the main material of wear layer is still PVC and UV coating layer is too thin, SPC flooring’s performance on anti-scratch aspect is not good as laminate flooring, as the overlay on laminate flooring is Al2O3.

Then what’s the better product, compared with SPC flooring and laminate flooring?

MSPC flooring!

You may click the bellow link to have more information on our MSPC flooring. Combine the both advantages of SPC flooring and laminate flooring.

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