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These articles are all highly relevant laminate flooring. I believe this information can help you understand laminate flooring's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
09 - 20
2021 Flooring Trends
2021 Top Flooring Trends1) Vinyl FlooringRigid Core Vinyl PlanksAs technology advances, vinyl flooring gets closer and closer to natural wood and stone looks. Decorative patterns are gaining in popularity as well. Even better, all this beauty comes with no extra work. Vinyl floors involve less upkee
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11 - 03
What’s the Wood Species of Flooring?
Do you know the wood species of flooring? Different species have different color tones, wood grain patterns, and overall durability.
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10 - 15
Which flooring is best for House?
Recently friends of mine (Mr. & Mrs. W) were looking for new flooring for their kitchen. Realizing that I’m in the business, the next thing I know we’re discussing what they should do next. Well, being the sales person that I am, I quickly showed them some Protex products.
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05 - 13
How to choose from Vinyl &Laminate Flooring?
How to choose from Vinyl &Laminate Flooring? It’s not easy to make a choice between vinyl flooring and laminate flooring.Most of the manufacturers promote both products as durable, budget-friendly, DIY-friendly products, and even their appearances can be similar, especially if laminates are compared
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03 - 25
What’s Domotex Asia?
DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR (DACF) is the flagship material exhibition in the Asia Pacific region. From building contractors, designers, traders, to global buyers across the industry chain
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