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How is the wear resistance of laminate flooring graded

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-04-11      Origin: Site


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The general standard for grading laminate flooring is to measure the durability of laminate flooring based on its usage level, usually considering the pedestrian flow that the flooring needs to withstand. AC rating refers to the wear standard or grade, with a measurement range of AC1 to AC6. The AC rating was initially developed by the European Association of Laminated Wood Flooring Manufacturers (ELPF), but is now used as an industry standard for determining floor durability.

A laminate floor is rated based in its performance across multiple resistance tests including staining, impact, heat, moisture and scratching. An electronic abraser is used to perform accelerated wear testing to determine the AC rating of the laminate.

Classifications are split into two usage categories: residential and commercial

What grade laminate is best for residential use?

AC1 rating (Class 21)

Very light foot traffic

Can be used for closets, dining rooms, guest bedrooms, low traffic adult bedrooms. Not recommended for commercial use.

AC2 rating (Class 22)

Moderate foot traffic areas with low amounts of wear and tear

Can be used for family sitting rooms and dining rooms. moderately trafficked adult bedrooms

AC3 rating (Class 23/31)

Moderate trafficked

Can handle any type of residential setting. This is the highest rating for homeowners and the lowest for commercial use. Can be used in main living areas, playrooms, hallways, and for stairs.

What grade laminate is best for commercial use?

AC4 rating (Class 32)

Any domestic and general trafficked commercial space

This is the first level designated for commercial use. Can be used for offices, cafes, salons and boutiques or residential spaces. AC4 rated laminate to hold up to daily shoppers.

AC5 rating (Class 33)

Busy areas requiring medium to heavy traffic resistance

Can be used for most retail stores, showrooms, restaurants and schools.

AC6 rating (Class 34)

Very heavy intensive trafficked areas

Can be used for hypermarkets, airport terminals and public-facing government buildings.

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