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Waterproof CWC Flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-04-25      Origin: Site


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CWC flooring is a kind of laminate flooring. To understand CWC flooring, let us first understand laminate flooring.

What is Laminate Flooring?

1. Structure

The full name of Laminate flooring is "Impregnated Paper Laminated Wood Flooring". It is generally composed of four layers of materials: wear-resistant paper, decorative paper (patterned paper), high-density substrate, and balance (moisture-proof) paper.

CWC flooring

Wear-resistant paper: It contains aluminum oxide, and the main function is to protect the floor surface from being scratched and prevent water from penetrating into the floor from the surface.

Decorative paper (pattern paper): Use 3D printing technology to print the pattern color of the floor on the paper.

Base material (high-density substrate): High-density board made of wood fiber and specially prepared glue, which is pressed under high temperature and high pressure.

Balance paper: During the pressing process, the wear-resistant paper and decorative paper on the upper layer of the substrate will have tension on the substrate layer, causing the board to deform. The function of the balance paper is to balance the tension of the board up and down. In addition, Protex's special balance paper is waterproof, preventing the moisture from seeping up and corroding the floor.

1. Edge effect

There are generally 3 kinds of techniques for the edge of laminate flooring: square edge, V-groove painting edge and U-groove edge.

Square edge: There are no gaps or grooves in the joints of the floor after laying. This kind of floor joint looks smoother and easier to clean.

V-groove painting edge: When slotting, cut off a bevel around the floor surface, usually 30 and 45 degrees, and then seal it with special paint. This edge effect is similar to solid wood flooring. After paving, there is a V-shaped notch at the seam, which is very similar to the assembly effect of solid wood and looks more beautiful. The disadvantage is that the V-shaped groove is easy to accumulate dust and is difficult to clean, and the paint will fall off after a period of use. The solution is to pave and seal the slot with wax.

U-groove edge: When pressing, the peripheral openings on the surface of the board together with the wear-resistant layer are pressed out to a certain extent, and there is a smooth U-shaped groove around it after assembly. The joints are smooth and curved, the paving effect is a bit like solid wood, and it is easy to clean.

2. Production process

Development of wood grain paper: cut natural wood of decades or even centuries into pieces, scan the piece with the clearest and most beautiful texture with laser, and then engrave it on the printed plate roller with fine laser, and use a printing machine to match the special Imported ink, printed on the base paper.

Dipping: also known as impregnation. Patterned paper, wear-resistant paper and balanced paper must go through the process of dipping in glue to prepare for the next step of sticking to the substrate. The glue is specially prepared, usually melamine-formaldehyde resin. There are strict requirements on the amount of paper dipping. Unqualified quality will cause problems such as white spots on the floor surface, bending deformation of the board surface, and cracking of wear-resistant paper during the pressing process.

Pressing: The heat transfer oil is heated by the boiler, enters the press, and heats the upper and lower steel plates fixed on the press. The three kinds of paper and the base steel plate are placed in the press in sequence, and are pressed with a customized emboss steel after high temperature. There are dozens of floor surface emboss, such as hand-grained, small relief, medium relief, mirror molded, antique molded, synchronous real wood, silk surface and so on. Different upper steel plates have different embosses on the surface.

Saw board: Saw the pressed and pasted large board into small boards of finished product size. According to the size, first cut into two or one into three, and then saw into the corresponding specifications.

Condition: Make the sawn boards adapt to the surrounding environment and temperature, shrink and expand normally, and prevent deformation after slotting and finished products, which will affect the paving. The control period is 3-5 days in winter and one week in summer.

Slot: Open smart locks around the small board for easy assembly. There are many types of locks, and the most used one is the Valinge2G-5G.

What is Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

Ordinary laminate flooring only has a surface that is waterproof. There are 2 methods of waterproofing laminate flooring in the market: Structural waterproofing OR Substrate waterproofing.

Structural waterproof: Ordinary laminate flooring base material, the base material is not waterproof. Using the "double waterproof" technology of waterproof lock and sealing wax prevents the water on the surface from seeping down. "Double waterproof" technology passed the NALFA water tightness test, no leakage for 48 hours, no pressure when wet mop mopping the floor.

Substrate waterproof: Special HDF laminate flooring base material, the base material is waterproof. Water swelling rate: less than 8% within 48 h.

What is CWC flooring?

The base material of the waterproof CWC floor has been treated with special technology, has high density, low water expansion rate, and meets the North American carb2 standard. The density is 0.95±0.05g per cubic meter. The physical and chemical properties are far superior to other composite flooring or SPC flooring. The water swelling rate is less than 5%.


a. Ultra Waterproof

b. Ultra anti-scratch

c. Low cost material


Size : 1218mm(L)*168(W)*5mm(T) 47.95*6.61*0.2 inch

Density : 0.95±0.05g/cm3

Abrasion Resistance : Customized

Formaldehyde : CARB P2

Swelling(24h) : ≤5%

Bending Strength : ≥40Mpa

Surface Bonding : ≥1.2Mpa

Internal Bonding : ≥2.0Mpa

Core Color : Black

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