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These are related to the CWC Flooring news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in CWC Flooring and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand CWC Flooring market.
08 - 04
Domotex Asia 2023.07-Shanghai
TIME: 2023.07 PLACE: Shanghai,China
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07 - 25
PROTEX CWC Flooring: Advancing the Frontier of Waterproof Technology
Introduction:In 2023, PROTEX, a leading flooring manufacturer, introduced its latest cutting-edge innovation - CWC Flooring. The quest for waterproof and moisture-resistant flooring has been a longstanding challenge for PROTEX and numerous flooring companies. With the launch of CWC Flooring, PROTEX
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04 - 25
Waterproof CWC Flooring
CWC flooring is a kind of laminate flooring. To understand CWC flooring, let us first understand laminate flooring.What is Laminate Flooring? 1. StructureThe full name of Laminate flooring is "Impregnated Paper Laminated Wood Flooring". It is generally composed of four layers of materials: wear-resi
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04 - 17
Installation introduction of CWC Flooring
Installations 1. Check the flatness of floor before the installations, and make the height differs less than 3mm measured with 2 meter level ruler. It is necessary to make a self leveling cement layer when the flatness is bad. 2. Waterproof CWC Flooring would never expand or shrink as SPC due to tem
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