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Installation introduction of CWC Flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-04-17      Origin: Site


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1. Check the flatness of floor before the installations, and make the height differs less than 3mm measured with 2 meter level ruler. It is necessary to make a self leveling cement layer when the flatness is bad.

2. Waterproof CWC Flooring would never expand or shrink as SPC due to temperature changes, So there is no need prepare for the temperature in advance. No transition for floating flooring is needed when the room length is less than 10 meters. If the room length is much more than 10 meters, and every 10 meter needs transition. Meanwhile 10mm gap should be prepared against the walls (Do not fill silica gel to the gap).

3. Our click system flooring is floating type, which means our flooring would never directly touch the concrete floor, so heavy load trolley is not suggested to move on our flooring frequently. And due to the material’s tiny expansion and shrinkag characteristics, heavy load furniture is not suggested to be located on our flooring as well. Or else you need do the installations with MS adhesive on the back.

4. Our flooring can be easily cut and installed.

5. 1mm IXPE is suggested as the attached pad .

6. Waterproof CWC Flooring is not suggested for heavy damp area,and moisture proof layer should be arranged before the flooring installations.

7. All packages of flooring should be located inside of room which can prevent uncertain factors outside.

8. Please complete the flooring installation as soon as the package is opened.

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