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PROTEX CWC Flooring: Advancing the Frontier of Waterproof Technology

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-07-25      Origin: Site


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In 2023, PROTEX, a leading flooring manufacturer, introduced its latest cutting-edge innovation - CWC Flooring. The quest for waterproof and moisture-resistant flooring has been a longstanding challenge for PROTEX and numerous flooring companies. With the launch of CWC Flooring, PROTEX aims to revolutionize the flooring industry by conquering this age-old puzzle. Through a series of meticulous tests and scientific analysis, the company has successfully controlled the water absorption and thickness expansion of the board, effectively minimizing issues such as warping and swelling caused by water exposure. This breakthrough ensures unmatched durability and stability, making CWC Flooring suitable for a wide range of spaces, including living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways, while effortlessly handling rainy weather, reducing daily maintenance worries.

The Scientific Core of CWC Flooring:

PROTEX CWC Flooring relies on advanced technology to address the challenges of water resistance. By carefully regulating the board's water absorption and thickness expansion rates, PROTEX has significantly diminished the risks associated with water-induced warping and swelling. The result is a flooring solution that remains resilient and stable, even in the face of moisture, while adapting flawlessly to various living spaces.

The Promise of CWC Base Material:

Central to the innovation of CWC Flooring is the utilization of the groundbreaking CWC base material. This unique material boasts two crucial benefits that set it apart from conventional alternatives. Firstly, the base material is free from added formaldehyde during the manufacturing process, ensuring an eco-friendly production that minimizes harmful emissions. Secondly, the CWC base material markedly reduces the occurrence of swelling and warping due to water exposure, providing unparalleled stability to the flooring.

A Paradigm Shift in Flooring Choices:

In the past, homeowners often faced a dilemma when selecting flooring. While they desired the warmth and comfort of wooden flooring, they also feared water damage and the complexities of maintenance. This uncertainty, especially for living room flooring, led to hesitation and indecision. However, with the advent of PROTEX CWC Flooring, consumers can now approach flooring choices with newfound confidence. The flooring can be installed in living rooms without the anxiety of potential water damage, and day-to-day cleaning becomes more convenient with the ability to wet mop with ease.

Four Core Advantages - A Harmonious Fusion:

PROTEX CWC Flooring seamlessly combines four core advantages - exceptional water resistance, impressive wear resistance, unmatched comfort, and uncompromising eco-friendliness. By integrating these elements, PROTEX strives to deliver a flooring solution that meets the highest standards of performance and user satisfaction, creating a comfortable and healthy living environment for homeowners.


PROTEX CWC Flooring is a game-changer in the flooring industry, representing a significant leap forward in waterproof technology. By skillfully controlling water absorption and utilizing the groundbreaking CWC base material, PROTEX has successfully crafted a flooring solution that redefines durability and stability. With PROTEX CWC Flooring, homeowners can embrace the warmth of wooden flooring without fear, and enjoy a more relaxed and hassle-free daily living experience. As the epitome of comfort, durability, and environmental responsibility, PROTEX CWC Flooring stands as an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a higher level of comfort and peace of mind in their living spaces.

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