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Unilin Click SPC Flooring

These are related to the Unilin Click SPC Flooring news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Unilin Click SPC Flooring and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Unilin Click SPC Flooring market.
08 - 17
New Choices in Slip-Resistant Flooring Materials: SPC Flooring
Introduction: With the increasing number of slip and fall incidents on slippery surfaces, it has become imperative to address the issue promptly. Adhering to construction and safety standards during floor installations is vital to prevent future accidents. If you're facing slippery flooring issues,
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04 - 04
Preparation before laying SPC floor
1. When receiving the stone plastic floor, check whether the color, quantity is correct, and damaged according to the order. Especially whether the floors are from the same batch, and whether they meet the requirements of the order.2. There must be no cracking, hollowing, etc. on the ground, and the
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03 - 08
Installing a click or drop lock floor
Selecting the right floor would depend on several factors; for instance, if the room is exposed to high moisture levels, excessive daylight and temperature fluctuations, you should consider these conditions before choosing a flooring type.However, regardless of your choice, there will be a click (or
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01 - 03
Past and present life of button SPC floor
There are many names on the market of snap plastic flooring. Some people call it stone plastic flooring, high-tech fiberglass waterproof flooring, waterproof wood flooring, zero formaldehyde waterproof flooring, more powerful diamond waterproof flooring, top waterproof flooring, but it is actually a
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08 - 02
Protex LITE SPC Flooring
LITE SPC Flooring is a new flooring product developed by Protex Flooring. The main difference is the LITE SPC Core. We increase the PVC ratio and add foaming agent, in order to lighten the weight and enhance the performanceThe advantages of LITE SPC Flooring are as bellow:1, Maximize the Loading Qua
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