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Installing a click or drop lock floor

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Selecting the right floor would depend on several factors; for instance, if the room is exposed to high moisture levels, excessive daylight and temperature fluctuations, you should consider these conditions before choosing a flooring type.

However, regardless of your choice, there will be a click (or lock) flooring product available to suit your needs.

Click (or lock) floorboards feature interlocking sides to effectively snap together without requiring adhesives or nails. These floors are easy to install and can even be laid by a DIY enthusiast.

The click (or lock) technique of fixing boards ensures that the connection between the floorboards is extremely tight, and uniquely impervious to dampness. Since no adhesives or nails are used in the installation, the installed click (or lock) floorboard can be lifted and re-laid easily, making it a perfect flooring solution for any area of the home, which may need to be accessed in future for electrical, plumbing or insulation requirements, or where there is risk of dampness such as bathrooms, laundries or kitchens.

A click (or drop lock) flooring system relies on a floating fitting technique, which not only eliminates the need to use adhesives or nails but also allows the flooring to be installed over an existing floor or sub-floor. Underlays for these floor installations are available in a broad range of acoustic and thermal options.

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