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Preparation before laying SPC floor

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1. When receiving the stone plastic floor, check whether the color, quantity is correct, and damaged according to the order. Especially whether the floors are from the same batch, and whether they meet the requirements of the order.

2. There must be no cracking, hollowing, etc. on the ground, and there must be no substances that affect the bonding strength. If the base floor does not meet the requirements, it must be dealt with accordingly.

3. Before paving, transport the stone-plastic floor to be paved to the paving site and let it stand for 24 hours.

4. If the original ground is cement ground, it cannot appear as sand, bumps or cracks. If it is a newly paved concrete floor, it needs to be completely dry before construction.

5. If the original floor is ceramic tiles, please use cement-based putty to level the joint groove.

6. The thickness of the wooden floor or composite floor should be more than 1.2CM, without bending, deformation, warping, and if there are nail heads, it should be removed.

7. In order to obtain the best paving effect, it is best to pre-pave the stone-plastic floor, simulate the direction of lighting and paving, and check the color, quantity, model, batch, color difference, flatness, etc. of the floor.

8. When laying the stone-plastic floor, be sure to determine the center line, and check to ensure that the surrounding can match the size and trimming.

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