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Why hospitals choose homogeneous permeable floors

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The hospital is a relatively large flow of people, every day there are a lot of patients as well as visiting people and wheelchair bed walking, so the ground wear-resistant pressure requirements are very high, the ground will often have a wheelchair or hospital bed push, so it must be able to withstand repeated friction, followed by the need to have anti-slip performance, the ground slippery situation is not allowed to occur. Homogeneous permeable flooring is waterproof and anti-slip, and becomes more anti-slip when water is encountered.

With more people coming in and out of the hospital every day, there are patients and visitors, and the sound absorption function of homogeneous permeable flooring is very much appreciated, although homogeneous permeable can not reach the sound insulation effect, but also can absorb 20 dB of sound. Don't underestimate this 20 decibels, it ensures that the patient is not affected by the noise and can have a peaceful convalescence.

Hospitals attach great importance to creating a sterile environment, and only in a sterile environment can the health of patients be ensured during their visit to the doctor. The surface of the homogeneous permeable flooring is treated by a special process and has antibacterial properties that effectively inhibit the growth of microbial reproduction on hospital floors, while the PVC wall plastic is laid on the walls to ensure that patients are in a sterile environment.


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