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Why Choose SPC Flooring for Renovation?

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What kind of flooring do you use in your home? Solid wood flooring, engineered flooring or laminate flooring?

Have you ever faced different kinds of problems with them? Damaged by water, termites, or improper maintenance, and etc.


Then in order to avoid these issues, change to PVC or WPC flooring. But now, there are shrinking problems several months after installation.

Come to try the latest offshoot of composite core products, loosely referred to as “rigid core,” has been named SPC (solid polymer core). On the surface, SPC is similar to PVC products, though they are actually different in composition and construction. Protex is also one of the first factories who developed SPC flooring since 2016.

The core composition of SPC products has a much higher concentration of limestone, a lower concentration of PVC and no foaming agents, resulting in a thinner, denser, and heavier core. SPC is a rigid, strong, easy-to-install floating floor. What’s more, it’s 100% waterproof and dimensionally stable. The rigid characteristics of SPC meant the floor could be installed over subfloors with minor imperfections with little or no floor prep-eliminating the imperfections from telegraphing through to the surface. SPC floors could even be installed over ceramic tile floors without skim coating the grout lines.


All these advantages make SPC flooring be the best solution for renovation.

Consumers took notice of the wide array of solutions and low cost that SPC LVT floors provided, and sales of SPC LVT grew rapidly.

Also due to the click system, SPC flooring can be installed easily and quickly. No glue or other special treatment, just use a knife and a rubber hammer, we can finish the renovation of flooring in our home in just one afternoon. In the construction or renovation projects, this advantage helps a lot on shortening the time of project period.

What’s more, SPC flooring is eco-friendly. The SPC flooring is recyclable and can be smashed into powder. Then we still could use these into the production of SPC flooring or other PVC products. Meanwhile, even if throw it in the rubbish can, it won’t do harm to the environment.

With so many advantages, I believe you can’t miss this!


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