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What quality problems are likely to occur with spc flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-31      Origin: Site


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SPC is an affordable and beautiful flooring material, provided you choose luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) or planks. Unlike conventional vinyl sheets, these are more durable and have a realistic surface texture that mimics their natural counterparts extremely well. While it is more expensive than vinyl sheets, it is more affordable than solid and engineered hardwood but equally beautiful. However, every product has its pros and cons, and SPC is no different. Being aware of the problems will help you avoid them and get you the maximum utility out of the product.


Disadvantages of SPC Flooring


No Extra Resale Value Added

Many might thought that installing SPC flooring in your property will help elevate the resale value. But heres the cold harsh truthunlike hardwood flooring, SPC flooring is not providing any extra value if you plan to resell your property.



Difficult To Remove Once Installed

You would need time and patient if you are planning to remove installed SPC flooring yourself. Depending on the type of SPC flooring installed, removing adhesive type would definitely cause you a mess.


Susceptible To Sharp Objects

Heavy furniture, pet paws, sands, or any sharp objects will leave scratches and abrasion on the SPC flooring surface. Extra care is needed when it comes to contact with sharp and abrasive objects. Always remember to cover SPC flooring with a layer of felt, mat, or rugs to keep your flooring surface smooth.


Sensitive To Moisture

Dont be confused. Not all SPC flooring is sensitive to moisture. However, SPC flooring of lower grade may swell or discolor when contact with moisture in a long term. Moisture that traps under the SPC floor will encourage the growth of mold and causing odor. However, there is some type of SPC flooring suitable to be installed in high moisture areas like bathrooms. Just check with your SPC flooring supplier on its functionality before making any purchase.


Unable To Be Refinished Or Repair

Despite that SPC flooring is generally known for its high durability, some low-quality SPC flooring is easier to worn out or tear. Once its damaged, it is difficult to repair and the worse is no refinish work can be done. The only option is to have that particular piece replaced. SPC tile or plank is much easier to replaced compare to SPC sheet in most cases. So you should definitely put this to consider before choosing the type of SPC flooring best fits your use.


The causes of SPC flooring quality problems


1. hollowing and shedding.


(1) Because of the low temperature in winter and the frozen floor glue, the polyethylene floor will not bond well with the ground after thawing in spring, and will easily fall off. Therefore, the specified temperature should be maintained when laying the polyethylene floor.


(2) Base concrete is not completely dry. With the volatilization of water vapor, the bond between floor glue and the surface layer is affected, and the surface layer is prone to empty drum and fall off.


(3) When painting floor primer, the grass-roots is not cleaned up or unevenly painted, resulting in the bonding between the grass-roots and the surface layer is not strong, resulting in an empty drum or falling off.


2. Because the welder stays at one point too long during the welding process, the polyethylene floor is scalded, which affects the beauty of the floor.


3. When welding the electrodes, the temperature of the welding machine does not meet the requirements, and the electrodes do not connect well with the polyethylene floor, which leads to the electrodes falling off later.

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