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PTW-2081L-02 Premium Waterproof Wood Grain Glue Down Vinyl Plank Flooring Wholesale

Embrace the perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics, where cleaning and upkeep become effortless tasks, allowing you to enjoy the timeless beauty of your floors. Elevate your space with our LVT flooring – a seamless fusion of resilience and design excellence.
  • PTW-2081L-02


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MSPC is much more anti-scratch than traditional SPC flooring:

Firstly, scratch-resistance and wear-resistance are totally different properties.

Briefly speaking, by anti-scratch, we mean its ability to resist unrecoverable scratches. Wear resistant refers to its wear layer performance. The thicker wear layer floor has, the more wear resistant. At the same time, with the rigid SPC core makes the MSPC is totally waterproof. Besides, the high-quality guaranteed also allows it to be applied to higher-demand of commercial places.


anti scratch flooring

MSPC Technical Data Sheet
TEST Item Test Result Standard
Length(mm) 1220 EN427
Width(mm) 199
Straightness(mm) ≦0.25
Squareness(mm) ≦0.25
Arrangement of Space(mm) ≦0.20
Thickness(mm) 7.0 EN428
IXPE(mm) 1.5
High Temperature Shrinkage(%) 60℃24H:0.12-0.15 EN434
High Temperature Warped(mm) 60℃24H:0.1-0.4
Smoke Burning No Blace pot, No Crack, No Bubbling GB18102-2000
Steam Tolerance No Breakout, No Discolor, No Crack GB18102-2000
Stain Resistance Fe2O3 Suspension Cleaning Avaliable GB/T3810.14
Corrosion Resistance UHA Grade(A Grade For HB Pensil Test) GB/T3810.13
Break Strength Average Data≧2500N GB/T3810.4
Modulus of Rupture ≧60 GB/T3810.4
Scratch Protection ≧3.5N,No circling or continuous Scraching Hurt GB18102-2000
Impact Resistance ≦9 GB18102-2000
Boil Resistant(H) ≧6 /
Scratch (g) ≧7000 /
Abrasion Resistant 4000 EN13329
Density(g/cm³) 2000 /
Gloss(degress) 5-8 /

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