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What matters should be noted in winter plastic flooring construction

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-06      Origin: Site


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The weather is getting colder and colder, in winter has not yet come, the source of beauty first take you to understand the winter plastic flooring construction should pay attention to what matters?

1. Plastic flooring transportation and loading and unloading

Winter temperature is low, the material is hard, do not brutal operation.

2. Plastic flooring storage

The material must be stored indoors, keep vertical put, do safety precautions.

3. The influence of temperature on the construction of PVC plastic flooring

PVC plastic flooring construction site temperature requirements above 15 ° C, when the temperature is lower than 10 ° C when the installation of resilient flooring is prohibited.

4. Resilient floor construction of the environment temperature and humidity requirements

Air temperature: ≥18°C, relative air humidity: 40-70%, surface temperature: ≥15°C, moisture content of the grass-roots level: fine stone concrete (≤3. 5%), cement mortar (≤ s2%) heating flooring (≤1.8%), flatness: 2M less than or equal to 2mm, bonding tensile strength of the grass-roots level: ≤1.0Mpa.

5. The influence of temperature on the construction of auxiliary materials

Interface agent: the essence of the interface agent is emulsion, the temperature in the 5 - 8 ° C environment, the interface agent can not form a film, painted on the grass-roots ground, will become a layer of powder. Can not play to the role of penetration and sealing, resulting in self-leveling and grass-roots ground can not be firmly connected, later appearing hollow drum cracking.

Self-levelling: the temperature is too low will lead to long drying time or even be frozen, can not complete the hydration and timely drying, the later is dry, the surface is also no strength, the surface grinding sand or cracking and other quality problems. Carry out warming environment, pay attention to the relative humidity of indoor air, too dry will directly affect the self-leveling cement moisture evaporation too fast, can not complete the hydration process, resulting in self-leveling lose strength. The best construction temperature for glue should be above 15°C (above 18°C is the best), if the indoor temperature is below 10°C, the adhesive strength of the glue will be greatly affected, resulting in a poor bonding between the floor and the ground, and later problems such as decoupling and warping. The drying time of the glue is strictly controlled during construction.

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