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What are the common misconceptions about PVC plastic flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-14      Origin: Site


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Many consumers to the price of high and low to measure the merits of plastic flooring, that the more expensive flooring quality is better, indeed, this is not lost for a selection of standards, the market plastic flooring manufacturers countless, from dozens to hundreds of a square meter are available, but the price is not proportional to the quality, if you encounter irregular business, ordinary plastic flooring may also be out of the sky, if you think that the high price of plastic flooring is a good floor, consumers are very easy to fall for.

Plastic flooring not only has different patterns, there are different thicknesses, the same pattern of plastic flooring will appear in different thicknesses of the floor, such as gemstone PVC plastic flooring has 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm and other different thicknesses, PVC plastic flooring quality is not thickness-related, but with its wear-resistant layer, some floors, although the same thickness, but its wear-resistant layer The thickness is different and its quality varies. Although the thicker the PVC flooring the better the elasticity will also be, the softer it will be and the more comfortable it will feel on the feet. But not all places can choose very thick PVC flooring, the choice of thickness and use occasions have a great relationship.

Many consumers believe that plastic flooring is environmentally friendly as long as the smell through the nose can be judged, but this method of judgment can only be for a strong irritating smell of PVC flooring, and most of the PVC plastic flooring without pungent smell should be judged how? Such a situation through the nose is unable to judge, to consider from a variety of aspects: one is the production of plastic flooring materials, two is the production of plastic flooring process used in the auxiliary materials, three is plastic flooring in the use of the process by the degree of influence of the environment. Poor quality, not only easy to cause a threat to human health, its use experience will also be greatly reduced.

We often mention its flame retardant performance when talking about plastic flooring, people think that PVC plastic flooring is flame retardant is not burned, in fact, this is not true, the national fire rating of PVC flooring requirements to reach B1 level of standards, B1 level of flame retardant standards within the technology is the diameter of 10 mm cotton ball, dipped in alcohol, placed on the PVC floor natural combustion, after the cotton ball burned out, measure the traces of burned PVC flooring If the diameter is less than 50mm, it is B1 level flame retardant standard. Instead of looking at the burned and burned not.

Many consumers for PVC plastic flooring wear resistance test is simply scratch with a sharp instrument on the surface, if it is scratched is not wear-resistant, which is also not established, we are testing the wear resistance of PVC flooring with a flat-bottomed garden-shaped beating grinding disc, in the case of pressure 1Kg grinding test floor, after rotating grinding how many revolutions, the floor surface wear layer is worn to reveal the number of revolutions of the grass-roots level. The number of revolutions of this node is a measure of the wear resistance of PVC flooring.

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