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These articles are all highly relevant PVC floor. I believe this information can help you understand PVC floor's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
02 - 20
Underfloor heating floor coverings, or better yet, PVC flooring!
From the aspect of thermal conductivity alone, the thermal conductivity of tiles is a little faster than PVC flooring, absorbing the room heating up fast, but tile paving also has disadvantages, thermal conductivity fast at the same time, it will also dissipate heat quickly. In comparison, the insul
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02 - 17
School floor decoration increasingly favours PVC plastic flooring
For one thing, students are growing and developing and often spend more time at school than at home, so their health is of paramount importance. pvc plastic flooring is mostly selected from high quality PVC virgin materials, no recycled materials added, zero calcium powder guarantee, zero toxic plas
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02 - 14
What are the common misconceptions about PVC plastic flooring
Many consumers to the price of high and low to measure the merits of plastic flooring, that the more expensive flooring quality is better, indeed, this is not lost for a selection of standards, the market plastic flooring manufacturers countless, from dozens to hundreds of a square meter are availab
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11 - 12
Choose The Tile Or The Wooden Floor When Decorating?
Floor decoration is the largest decorative part of the home area. This is directly related to the comfort of family life, and calls for great care, so when decorating the floor, is it wooden floors or a tiles? Can compare through the following aspects.
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