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Reasons for drumming of plastic floor

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1. The bottom floor is damp

1) Performance: The drums of the plastic floor are concentrated in several areas, and the ground forms a hollow drum.

2) Reason: When the bottom floor is in a wet state, laying a waterproof plastic floor layer on it will cause the moisture in the wet bottom layer to be unable to volatilize, resulting in bulging.

2. Self-leveling is separated from the foundation concrete ground

1) Performance: After a few days of use, it suddenly bulges and makes a creaking sound when stepped on.

2) Reason: If the state of the underlying ground does not reach sufficient strength and standard flatness before the laying of the plastic floor, it is likely to cause the self-leveling and the basic concrete floor to separate, resulting in plastic floor swelling.

3. The cracks in the foundation concrete ground have not been treated

1) Performance: After a few days of use, it suddenly bulges and bulges into strips.

2) Reason: If there are cracks in the foundation concrete floor during construction and have not been treated, then the moisture may be transmitted to the bottom layer of the plastic floor through the ground later, causing the plastic floor to bulge.

How to solve the plastic floor after drumming

1. For the damp and high humidity of the grassroots ground

The wetness of the underlying ground caused the plastic floor to bulge. The construction master cut a slender gap along the direction of the bulge with a cutting knife, injected floor glue, and compacted it with heavy objects for more than 12 hours to make the floor completely adhered.

2. For self-leveling and foundation concrete ground detachment

If the self-leveling and the basic concrete floor become hollow due to warping, the hollow part needs to be cut, and all the raised self-leveling should be leveled, and the bottom layer should be re-self-leveled and paved with the same color floor. Another thing to pay attention to is that the self-leveling drum part needs to be cured.

3. The cracks in the concrete ground of the original foundation have not been treated

If the cracks in the original foundation concrete floor are not treated in time and cause swelling, then it is necessary to remove the paved floor and redo it, because if the cracks in the ground floor are not filled, then this will happen again even after the repair in the later stage phenomenon.

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