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PROTEX Factory: Flooring Manufacturing Expert Meeting Customer Demands

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PROTEX Factory is a specialized enterprise dedicated to the manufacturing of flooring products, with a production base spanning over 18,000 square meters. Over the years, PROTEX has been committed to enhancing production capacity and product quality to meet the diverse demands of its customers.

Advanced Production Equipment

PROTEX Factory boasts a range of advanced production equipment, including 22 SPC extrusion lines and 18 WPC extrusion lines. These extrusion lines have high efficiency, enabling the production of over 330 20GP of SPC flooring and over 180 20GP of WPC flooring per month. Additionally, the factory is equipped with 2 UV coating lines, 3 high-precision sawing and profiling lines adhering to German standards, 3 automatic cutting technology-based padding lines, 2 décor film printing lines, 1 annealing line spanning over 60 meters, and 1 calendar with a capacity of 120 tons per day.

High-Quality Raw Materials and Advanced Processes

To ensure top-notch flooring products, PROTEX Factory utilizes premium raw materials and integrates advanced manufacturing processes. As a result, the produced flooring not only boasts an exquisite appearance and superior texture but also possesses remarkable characteristics like wear resistance, waterproofing, and moisture resistance. These features make PROTEX flooring suitable for various environments and applications, be it residential, commercial, or public spaces.

Customer Satisfaction as the Priority

Customer satisfaction has always been the primary focus of PROTEX Factory. Through continuous technological innovation and expanding production capabilities, the factory is better equipped to meet the personalized needs of customers. Regardless of the type of flooring required, PROTEX can provide the most suitable solutions, thus earning a strong reputation in the flooring manufacturing industry.

Professional Craftsmanship for Perfection

As an expert in the flooring manufacturing domain, PROTEX upholds the mission of professional craftsmanship for perfection. The factory not only strives to produce high-quality flooring but also emphasizes delivering exceptional pre-sales and after-sales services. Through relentless efforts, PROTEX has created added value for customers and partners, positioning itself as a leading player in the flooring industry.


With its advanced production equipment, high-quality raw materials, sophisticated manufacturing processes, and keen understanding of customer demands, PROTEX Factory stands as an exemplary representative in the flooring manufacturing sector. The factory will continue to innovate and elevate production capacity and product quality to cater to the evolving needs of customers, providing them with superior products and services, and driving the continual advancement of the flooring industry.

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