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MSPC - Also known as Melamine SPC

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We use melamine paper instead of film paper as the top layer, and the design and color of film paper and laminate flooring are the same. Here, we call it MVP, melamine vinyl stent, which is also the most valuable stent.

MSPC (MVP) is more scratch resistant than traditional laminate flooring:

First of all, scratch resistance and wear resistance are completely different properties.

In short, the so-called scratch prevention means its ability to resist irreversible scratches. Wear resistance refers to the performance of its wear-resistant layer. The thicker the wear-resistant layer of the floor, the better the wear-resistance.

If you have experience in laminate flooring, it is not difficult to understand why MVP is more scratch resistant. The following table may give you a better understanding:

Why is the price high?

1. The raw material cost of melamine paper is high.

2. This is also a new product for our factory. The defect rate is very high.

3. SPC is mostly produced automatically, while MSPC is completely hot pressed one by one by workers.

4. Our factory spent a lot of money on MSPC research. We need to take this back and study how to make MSPC better.

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