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These are related to the SPC products news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in SPC products and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand SPC products market.
11 - 20
MSPC - Also known as Melamine SPC
We use melamine paper instead of film paper as the top layer, and the design and color of film paper and laminate flooring are the same. Here, we call it MVP, melamine vinyl stent, which is also the most valuable stent.MSPC (MVP) is more scratch resistant than traditional laminate flooring:First of
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09 - 13
SPC floor Pit Avoidance Guide
SPC floor "Pit Avoidance Guide": teach you how to identify the quality of SPC floorHigh card floorFocus on environmental protection and good flooring, and won the top ten brands of flooring for 10 consecutive years.SPC floor is a new type of floor decoration material that is widely used. It is widel
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08 - 23
Some Introduction of SPC EIR technology
UV Coating is a very glossy, shiny coating applied to the surface which protects the underlying material from such radiation’s harmful effects.The main reasons for UV coating on SPC flooring are as follows:1. To enhance the surface wear-resistance feature, it contains ceramic components and makes th
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08 - 11
Several testing standards for underlayment
STC stands for sound transmission classThis is the most common rating used in North America for determining airborne sound transmission loss between 125 and 4,000 Hz. This range covers the majority of common noises we hear including speech, television, music, dogs barking, and other similar annoyanc
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03 - 28
Continuous innovation, SPC becomes mainstream
On March 26th, the three-day DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR officially kicked off, and it took us one year to wait and prepare. In 2019, Protex replaced the brand new logo with the determination to change, and joined hands with Jamerr ecological wood, winner flooring and lots of latest designed products de
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