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In-depth analysis of the advantages of PVC plastic flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-23      Origin: Site


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PVC plastic flooring is gradually gaining recognition in the market and most people can appreciate the excellent performance of PVC plastic flooring. PVC plastic flooring is a flooring decorative material with sex in the building materials industry. It is a new type of flooring with PVC as raw material, adding some substances, such as calcium carbonate after physical heating, lamination and other corresponding production processes. PVC plastic flooring is available in a variety of colours. Because of the different colours on the printing, it can imitate a variety of different patterns, such as carpet, stone, wood flooring and grass patterns. pvc plastic flooring lines realistic and beautiful, rich and beautiful colours, wear-resistant layer on the lamination of a variety of corresponding patterns, so as to realistically imitate the wood grain, so that you can freely cut and splice a variety of colours to play force, imagination. It can meet the individual needs and decorative style of designers and different users. And PVC plastic flooring is colourless and radiation-free, thus ensuring that it does not fade in long-term use.

The quality of the PVC plastic flooring fire indicators up to B1 level, B1 level that is to say fire performance is very good, second only to stone. PVC plastic flooring itself will not burn and can prevent burning; high quality PVC plastic flooring in passive ignition when the smoke generated will not produce harm to human beings, will not generate breathable toxic and harmful gases (according to figures provided by the security sector: in a fire 95% of people injured in fires are due to toxic fumes and gases produced during combustion).

PVC flooring has no affinity with water, so it is naturally not afraid of water and will not be damaged as long as it is not immersed for a long period of time; and it will not become mouldy due to high humidity.

PVC flooring has a sound-absorbing effect that cannot be compared to ordinary flooring materials, and its sound absorption can be up to 20 decibels, so in the need for a quiet environment such as hospital wards, school libraries, lecture halls, theatres, etc. choose PVC plastic flooring, you no longer need for high heels and the sound of ground knocking affect your thinking and trouble, PVC plastic flooring can provide you with a more comfortable, more humane living environment.

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