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How to choose the color of wood floor?

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From a general point of view, the color of wooden floors is nothing more than dark and light colors.

Dark colors include dark red, coffee, brown, black, etc.; light colors include white, light gray, light yellow, etc. But under what circumstances do you choose dark colors? Under what circumstances do you choose light colors? This is the key, mainly from the following aspects.

First, the degree of lighting in the room

If the orientation of the apartment is good and the room lighting is good, dark and light colors can be selected, just consider personal preferences. However, if the lighting in the room is too poor, it is recommended to choose a light-colored floor, so that the room will not be too depressing.

Second, look at the size of the house

It is best to choose a light-colored floor for a small apartment, which can visually increase the sense of extension and make the room look larger. For large units, it is recommended to choose dark floors. The thick colors will not make the room so empty and will be more warm.

Third, look at the color of the furniture

The color of the floor can be matched with the color of the furniture. For example, the furniture of the furniture is light-colored, so it is best to choose a dark floor, which will have a visual focus and make the home less monotonous. If the furniture is dark, then it is best to match the light-colored floor, also for visual balance.

Fourth, look at the room function

If conditions permit, you can choose different floor colors according to the identity of the room user. For example, in the children's room, it is better to choose a light color than a dark color, and a dark color is more suitable for the study room.

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