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Can I use Vinyl in combination with underfloor heating or cooling?

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We answer all your questions about combining Vinyl with underfloor heating or cooling.

Vinyl flooring and underfloor heating are a match made in heaven, which makes vinyl extremely popular in both renovations and new buildings. All Vinyl floors can be combined with low-temperature underfloor heating or cooling.

Types of underfloor heating

Vinyl floors are compatible with low-temperature underfloor heating. This means the maximum contact temperature of the vinyl cannot exceed 27°C.

Your floor can be installed on:

  • Hot water systems:

o Wet systems (= embedded in the subfloor)

o Dry systems

  • Electrical Systems:

o Wet systems (= embedded in the subfloor)

o Dry systems

The floor heating must be installed in accordance with the supplier’s instructions and the generally accepted instructions and rules.

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