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CWC VS. SPC: Learn The Difference

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-09      Origin: Site


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What is CWC and what is SPC?

CWC is the latest waterproof laminate flooring. Due to the upgrade of technology and the update of raw materials, its performance is much higher than ordinary laminate and common products on the market. CWC usually refers to "composite wood core" flooring. Its base material is plywood or high-density waterproof fiberboard, and the surface is melamine paper.

SPC flooring is composed of stone plastic materials and composite materials. One of its biggest features is its excellent water resistance, which can effectively resist moisture penetration and prevent floor swelling and deformation; secondly, it has strong wear resistance, which can withstand the wear and tear caused by daily use and maintain long-term beauty; it also has Highly stable, not easily affected by changes in temperature and humidity, and the shape of the floor remains stable. In addition, SPC flooring is also environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy to clean, mildew-proof and insect-proof, and is suitable for use in various homes, commercial and public places.

So what is the difference between these two products?

1. Water Absorption

CWC and SPC are two popular waterproof laminate flooring materials, each with unique advantages and characteristics. First of all, CWC has a lower water absorption expansion rate than SPC, which can be controlled to a minimum of 5%. This means that in humid environments, CWC floors are more stable, less susceptible to moisture erosion, and maintain their original shape and quality.

CWC&SPC differences3

2. Thickness

Secondly, the thickness of CWC flooring is far greater than that of SPC, and can reach specifications such as 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm, giving it a better foot feel and sound insulation effect. This design makes people feel more comfortable when walking and reduces the possibility of sound transmission through the floor.

CWC&SPC differences2

3. Raw Materials

Thirdly, CWC flooring uses PVC-free raw materials, which are mainly composed of wood powder, so it is environmentally friendly, safe and recyclable. In comparison, SPC contains PVC ingredients, while CWC is more environmentally friendly and in line with modern people's pursuit of sustainable development and environmental protection concepts.We know that environmental protection is very important to modern people. Many environmentalists have put forward the concept of healthy, ecological and environmental protection. Our CWC floor not only does not contain those harmful ingredients, but its formaldehyde emission can be controlled above E1.

CWC&SPC differences4

4. Wear Resistance

In addition, the wear resistance of CWC flooring is far better than that of SPC. Its highest wear resistance index can reach AC5 level, showing extremely strong durability and wear resistance. In contrast, the thickest wear layer of SPC is only equivalent to the AC3 level of CWC, showing the advantages of CWC in floor durability.

The surface layer of CWC is printed with melamine paper and ink, giving it a more three-dimensional and realistic appearance, just like real wood, which is very beautiful and attractive. This fine treatment makes CWC floors even more visually impressive, adding a natural charm and warm atmosphere to interior spaces.

CWC&SPC differences1


In general, CWC flooring shows excellent performance in terms of water absorption, thickness, environmental protection and wear resistance, and is suitable for consumers who require high-quality flooring. Choosing CWC flooring can bring better use experience and environmental benefits to your home. However, when purchasing flooring, consumers should consider comprehensively based on their own needs, budget and decoration style to ensure that they choose the flooring product that best meets their personal preferences and actual needs.

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