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What is laminate flooring?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-25      Origin: Site


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Laminated flooring is a laminated floor built around waterproof, glued high-density fiber (HDF) boards. All laminate flooring consists of four different layers:

1. Transparent wear-resistant coating

This top layer makes your floor resistant to stains, abrasion, impact, scratches, burns and household chemicals. It consists of several layers of melamine, which are pressed on the HDF core plate under high pressure and high temperature. The surface layer is finished with wood or tile texture/structure, called "registered relief". This means that the surface structure is in perfect harmony with the design.

2. Design layer

This is the layer that defines the actual appearance of the floor. The design layer is a very high resolution solid wood photo, which is copied with highly complex printing technology and completed with melamine resin. The combination of perfect design and surface structure makes the imitation wood or brick look very real and natural.

3. A moisture-proof glued HDF core board

HDF core board is the core of laminated floor. HDF means "high density fiberboard". It consists of refined wood fiber and high-quality melamine resin. This is a reconstituted fiberboard that allows all parts of the tree to be used. The composition and technical characteristics of the board of directors are very consistent. It is very durable, stable and highly moisture resistant.

4. Balance layer

This moistureproof backing ensures a perfectly balanced circuit board that, when properly installed and maintained, does not produce cup shape or bending.

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