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What can distinguish the quality of spc flooring?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-09      Origin: Site


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1. The identifier does not meet the requirements

National standards stipulate the identification of spc flooring. Generally, the identification of fake or inferior spc flooring is incomplete or does not meet the requirements; some businesses even commissioned production through OEM form, and do not mark on the packaging at all!

2. Floor surface pattern, contrast wear layer thickness

① Floors with fuzzy texture, incorrect color, unnatural, and poor solid wood feel cannot resist ultraviolet rays and are easy to fade. These floors are undoubtedly low-quality and inferior PVC floors.

②Look at how many filaments the wear-resistant layer is. There is a special high-tech processed transparent wear-resistant layer on the surface of the spc floor, and its wear-resistant revolutions can reach 30,000 revolutions. The wear-resistant layer on the surface of the spc floor can be used for 10-25 years under normal conditions depending on the thickness.            

3. The difference in smell

Many businesses will have this question. They say that there is no formaldehyde but it smells. In fact, the quality of the scented spc floor will be worse, because the raw material calcium powder is more, (calcium powder is an industrial raw material, not Natural raw materials) so there will be a little taste, but UTOP spc flooring will not have a taste, and the calcium powder is relatively little, so it is almost tasteless.

4. Anti-slip and waterproof

The drip test is divided into two aspects: the first is to test whether the locks of the floor are connected for water leakage; the second is to test the anti-slip performance of the floor. First, take out two lock floors at will, connect them naturally with locks, and lay them flat on the ground. Then drip water droplets on the joints.

After standing for 3-5 hours, wipe the water clean with a dry cloth, separate the two floors, and check whether there are water marks in the card slot. The spc floor uses polyvinyl chloride material, which does not absorb water, but becomes astringent when exposed to water, so it is slip-proof and moisture-proof. When testing the slip resistance, it can also be done by dripping water. Put a few drops of water on the floor first and rub it with your hands. It won't be slippery and the astringent the better.

5. Lock system depth and workmanship

The workmanship of the lock groove of the spc floor, the poorer-quality spc floor is often rough. The buckle groove of the lock is relatively shallow, and workers can easily damage the buckle groove of the lock during construction or when handling and dismantling. This leads to an increase in the cost of decoration, and the increase in material loss during decoration exceeds the normal material loss by more than 8%.

6. Thickness

It is best to measure the floor thickness with a caliper or a micrometer. The actual thickness is about 0.2mm more than the marked thickness, which is the normal range.

7. Whether the color of the substrate is uniform and whether the texture is rough

In general, what we can see with naked eyes is that the color is white, which is brand new material, and the quality is good; the dark gray or black color is recycled material or a certain proportion of recycled material is added, and the quality is poor. Of course, under the special requirements of some customers, under the premise of ensuring the stability of the product itself, for example, he requires new materials to be added with a certain proportion of toner at the same time, so that the substrate will change from pure white to light gray that looks very textured. Maybe the customer requires me to have a completely white new material, which may be a little gray in the production process. At this time, adding a certain proportion of brightener can also meet the customer's needs.

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