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Underfloor heating floor coverings, or better yet, PVC flooring!

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From the aspect of thermal conductivity alone, the thermal conductivity of tiles is a little faster than PVC flooring, absorbing the room heating up fast, but tile paving also has disadvantages, thermal conductivity fast at the same time, it will also dissipate heat quickly. In comparison, the insulation of PVC flooring is much better, and the bare feet in winter will not feel very cold, and can maintain the heat of the room more permanently.

The floor tiles are on the cold side, and the overall paving has a cold, cold feeling both visually and on the feet. If you want your home to look warm, choosing PVC flooring is definitely the ideal choice. Especially if you have elderly people or children at home, it is recommended to choose PVC flooring, because in case of bumping, PVC flooring is slightly softer and can cushion off the strength of the impact.

In terms of price, PVC flooring is still much more cost effective than floor tiles, serves customers all over the country, not only the price is suitable, but also the original 6S service system, which is highly evaluated in the industry.

PVC flooring in different colours, all kinds, there are imitation wood flooring, imitation carpet, imitation stone pattern, imitation weave, imitation steel plate pattern and so on hundreds of colours, and PVC flooring on the green environmental protection natural feeling, from this point of view, or more suitable for underfloor heating above the paving PVC flooring.

Many people feel that PVC flooring is afraid of water, and tiles are not afraid, but in fact, this is a misconception, PVC plastic flooring because the main component is vinyl resin, and no affinity for water, so its natural not afraid of water, as long as not long-term immersion will not be damaged; and not because of high humidity and mould.

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