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Three misunderstandings of Rigid SPC

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1. The "flame retardant" of spc lock floor is not "can't burn"

Take a lighter to burn the spc lock floor to see if it can burn. If it burns, it is not fireproof. If it does not burn, it is flame retardant. In fact, this approach is wrong.

Internationally, the fire rating of SPC is required to reach the standard of Bf1-t0. The technical content of the Bf1-t0 flame retardant standard is a cotton ball with a diameter of 10mm, dipped in alcohol, and placed on the PVC floor to burn naturally. After the cotton ball is burned out, measure the diameter of the burnt SPC mark, If it is less than 50mm, it is the Bf1-t0 flame retardant standard, instead of looking at "burning but not burning".

2. The "wear resistance" of spc floor is not "it will not be scratched with a sharp tool"

When asked about the service life and wear resistance of the SPC floor, take out a sharp tool such as a knife or a key, and scratch the surface of the SPC lock floor. If there is a scratch, it is considered not wear-resistant. In fact, this approach is wrong.

The international testing of the wear resistance of SPC flooring is not simply to use a sharp tool to scratch the surface, but to use a flat-bottomed circular grinding disc to grind the test floor under the pressure of 1Kg. The number of revolutions at which the layers are worn away to expose the base layer. The number of revolutions at this node is an indicator to measure the wear resistance of the SPC lock floor. For example, the national minimum standard for composite floor revolutions is 1500 revolutions. Therefore, the wear resistance of PVC flooring is specially determined by international testing agencies.

3. "Smelling smells with your nose" is not "not environmentally friendly"

The spc floor itself does not contain formaldehyde, and the spc floor is not allowed to use formaldehyde in the production process. The qualified spc floor should be 100% free of formaldehyde. It may have the smell of fragrances and additives. Cause harm to people's bodies, and it won't make people feel uncomfortable.

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