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School floor decoration increasingly favours PVC plastic flooring

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For one thing, students are growing and developing and often spend more time at school than at home, so their health is of paramount importance. pvc plastic flooring is mostly selected from high quality PVC virgin materials, no recycled materials added, zero calcium powder guarantee, zero toxic plasticizers, heat stabilizers and other harmful substances to ensure that the floor is odourless, green and environmentally friendly, guarding the health of children.

Secondly, the school is a place for students to study, as with the hospital, the quiet requirements are very high, PVC plastic flooring belongs to the resilient flooring, walking sound is very small, can effectively reduce noise and silence, which is one of the advantages it is valued by schools.

Third, the flow of students, especially during the class, students are very excited, if the ground is very slippery, it is easy to fall, we are afraid that we will not forget that year in the country is a mass stampede because one person fell, the crowd suffered; quality surface treatment of PVC plastic flooring the more water the more astringent, there is no fear of slipping.

Fourth, PVC plastic flooring wear resistance is very good, is dozens of times the wood flooring. Unique surface layer processing technology and application, so that PVC plastic flooring has excellent wear protection; high strength entrainment layer integration, but also to ensure the stability and solidity of the floor, play a role in automatic reinforcement, effectively avoiding the floor due to the impact of long-term students stepping and deformation.

Fifthly, PVC plastic flooring is available in a wide range of colours and patterns, and can meet multi-functional and multi-design needs, so it is the first choice for many schools to enhance their taste and safety protection.

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